Samizdata, speed-cameras, surveillance, safety, security, and submission

David Davis

I am just as incensed about the notion that our travels should be as transparent to the State as our emails and blogs are and will soon be.

Obnoxio the Clown deftly deals with the entire matter in a few well-chosen words, as is his main skill. The dear fellow: how much poorer would the world be, without his frequent and carefully-phrased explanations of our rulers’ actions.

But something else has got into the woodwork of the corruption that is now the relational-space between The Individual and The State. I was surprised by this….something else has been advocated here. Samizdata is the last place I would have expected to see this, but one begins to share the sentiment that the time for the following types of protest is passed:-

“writing to your MP” (he’s not listening any more – he just want money, and to ride in an armoured Merc-4-a-Jerk)

“writing to the Times” (it’s owned by Rupert Murdoch who supports who’s in charge at the time: or perhaps the Editor won’t print you anyway)

“writing to the local paper” (it’s owned by the Daily Mirror now…’nuff-said)

“getting a petition up” (they’ll bin it, afetr taking your name and address, for…re-education, later)

It has been a source of wonderment to me at how very, very few speed cameras one sees having been serviced by the Common People. (I believe that “to service”, the infinitive of the transitive verb, was used in the Cold War to mean “kill the enemy on the battlefield”.)

I don’t think the Libertarian Alliance would want to be associated with advocating the vandalisation of speed cameras. Even though they are ever so intrusive and authoritarian as a notion. But there comes a point where 20,000 white vans, containing 60,000 chain-smoking brickies, who are equipped with 60,000 2-stroke Stihl-saws, all 60,000 of which start promptly on pulling the cord, could service most cameras in the UK between 02:00 am and 02:10 am on Thursday, and go home again.

Rather than that, I advocate the Poujadist solution, which is that ALL drivers ought to continuously and routinely fly past the new cameras, piling up “speeding” statistics, and refusing to co-operate with the Law here, which should be routinely and constantly broken. Bad, authoritarian laws are for breaking. The courts will be overwhelmed, and the confiscated-car-pounds will eventually overflow and have to be opened to the rightful owners.

Really, the abiding conundrum is why the English People – in all countries where they live – even such as Australia (which seems to be becoming a test-bed for all sorts of nasty stuff) – have been so very, very supine in the submissive acceptance of all this gear, even in the early stages> This was when a few old chaps who fought in the War could have growled menacingly, on television, thrown a few bricks and a bit of paraffin, and the BureauNazis would have backed away. Too late for that now, I fear: Samizdata may be right.

0 thoughts on “Samizdata, speed-cameras, surveillance, safety, security, and submission

  1. I rather enjoy the Times, actually. They have (in decreasing order of sense) Matthew Parris, Rod Liddle and Jeremy Clarkson, and other columnists who sometimes flirt with ideas of liberty.

    I noticed some speed cameras yesterday that I hadn’t been consciously aware of before (I don’t drive). They were heavily defended, on top of a rather elegant 20 foot high tree-trunk-thick pole painted municipal green. I thought of The Tripods. The next step in the evolution of the design should be to make them stride around and defend themselves with lasers.

  2. I wasn’t denigrating “The Times”, Felix: good paper. Just that writing letters to newspapers these days does not seem to provide the results we always thought it used to….or perhaps it never did -and was just displacement activity.

    And in your scenario, we’ll just have to buy lasers from Korea … until it’s illegal to possess them.

  3. Splendid article. Bad laws are for a-breaking. After all, was it not Tacitus who said ‘the more corrupt the State, the more laws it possesses?’ (Although he said it in Latin and ever so much more elegantly.) You’re quite right about lack of response from the press: but then, every paper prints exactly the same stories these days; the only thing that differs slightly is the tone in which said stories are written. I’d disagree with you re MPs, though; there are a few good ones out there, mine included. David Howarth not only responds to one’s letters; he makes damn’ sure that something is done about the issues contained therein. A truly commendable chap, with the rare qualities of integrity and passion for justice. (Much like David Davis himself.)

  4. Dear Mara
    Thank you for the correction re (some) MPs.

    ‘Fraid I was making a theatrical generalisation for the sake of effect in the post: I agree about DH and DD. there may be others. Ours here is not (as) bad (as some.) John Pugh, he’s a sociable-democrast. He is at least seen frequently in the constituency, walking about the town talking to real people, presumably about something or other, without cameras being present.

    But my general point I think stands. That the time for thinking we can really get stuff done by the methods used by “disgusted Tunbridge Wells” has gone past, not to return soon.

  5. The thing is, if they have to be damaged, and if we are to condone this (which I don’t as I am being as mealy-mouthed as I feel I can let myself get away with) in as expensive a way as possible.

    If a damager was damaging them, then it would be no use if the installation could be reinstated quickly and cheaply.

    When we bombed the Socialist Nazi state’s cities, in Germany, to turn the tide of public opinion back to reality, the planes in the first two minutes after the markers went down dropped ground-piercing HE, which broke the gas mains and water mains. First.

    Then, the next 10 minutes did incendiaries mixed with small HE and small blast bombs, to create rubble that contained stuff that was mostly on fire, and to set on fire all available roof timbers and exposed flooring.

    Then you’d do big thin-case bombs, to spread the stuff about more.

  6. Fuck them all…

    Anyone want LCD number plates which you ‘reconfigure’ on the fly using a mobile phone? Niquas?

    [ FX: “Send them a message: GET THE HELL OFF OUR CASE!” ]


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