We do ‘t’things right, ooop North, us.

David Davis (Director of Northern Affairs)

Bolton, bless them down there (bit-southerners for us, but they’re all right really) did the right thing. And Derby’s sort of north, just.



We do it like this, us.

We do it like this, us.

Teach those southerners in Luton a thing or two, specially the Interior Ministry Troops Police who arrested the counter-demonstrators insteda of the real ones…

0 thoughts on “We do ‘t’things right, ooop North, us.

  1. Dave:

    I’m pleased to see our people home.

    This, written by me, 1998….

    This War Plan, in its essentials, was presented by General Dowling to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who laughed him out of the Briefing Room.

    They’re surely not laughing now, are they? (Smiles) Well worth reading…

    I’d welcome any comments you have…




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