Bonkers? Nah, Brown is doing it deliberately.

UPDATE:- this is what we said almost a year ago.

David Davis

It says over at Guido Fawkes’s place that Gordon Brown is in a state of delusional denial about the economic shambles he has created for us. I don’t agree, although of course I don’t know the fellow and haven’t ever met him.

The only occamist conclusion to be drawn is that he deliberately spent the thick end of £5 trillion on a clientariat state, to ensure the right number of ZanuLieBorg terms so he could finally get into No-10. This was all while knowing it to be unsustainable for more than a few years (or until the Markets noticed.)

No skin off his nose or even many of the Blair Babes and their mates: their pensions would be safe (they ensured that by force of law) while he had confiscatorily-taxed  and spent ours and we have to slave till we die. They know they’re going down: it’s only the naïve, younger ones who think they ought to care about seats and careers.

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