Shootings at schools: last week it was Germany. This week? France….and what did we say?

David Davis

This just in via the Daily Torygraph cyberspace edition. (I don’t really buy wooden newspapers any more, do you?)

But after the sad events of the shooting in Germany, some discussion was had, on here. in a comment, reprodiced here, I said this:-

David Davis // 11 March, 2009 at 9:15 pm (edit)

Now look here Ian, my dear old chap,

57.92% of us who write or read this blog are barmy – not to say barking.

All the world’s a bit queer, except you and me, and I have my doubts about you. But all of us here just don’t even contemplate the possibility that we’d go out one morning (it’s always the morning – I thought these people didn’t get up till 2pm?) and massacre a school?

Nah. The structure’s too formulaic, each one is too derivative of the last one, and the results both mediawise and reactionwise are too similar, for it not to be following a plan.

I predict France next. Then, the EU will “have to step in”. Better keep your children off school for a few years, or a decade, if you’re French.

And indeed, on cue, we have a (rather poorly-choreographed, I must admit) shooting-up, in France, of a nursery school. Whoever is organising this global plan to disarm all the people whose opinions in the first instance matter about anything, diplays all the evaluational faculties of a British State-(dis)educated chav, and clearly thought…”smaller bullets for smaller people”. But managed only to injure about five. Thank Christ for small mercies.


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