North Polar Ice thickening: what a bummer for some.

David Davis

How sad for these poor men. The entire article is a scream.

And poor sad tormentd Prince Charles really does appear to have bouhgt into the global warming scam 100%.

  • I noticed at the bottom that the bloke who went for wrongful dismissal under the Equality (Religion and Belief) Regulations won his case. I’m so happy that the whole warmist alarmism is now well on the way to being officially recognized as just another religion that I’m seriuosly considering buying some more lights and a patio heater for Earth Hour… as long as I stop laughing before then.

  • The trouble is, Angry, that _some_ religions, especially the aggressively messianic ones like another I could mention, don’t get the message early on that they are not the dog’s bollocks.

    I greatly fear that the Gaian/global-warmist/James-Lovelock-Prince-Charles-Al-Gore one is one of these, along with the ALF people, many of whom will have opinions not a million miles from the abovenamed.

    After all, we know – because we are told – that all Prince Charles’s pigs and cows have to be seen to be happy and contented. Wonder if he talks to them, like to his plants?

  • If he knows that his animals are happy and contented I suspect Charles isn’t just talking to ’em – he’s fucking listening as well.

  • Happiness and contentment in his animals probably is the reason why, to be able to be allowed to buy parts of them to eat them, costs so bloody much.

  • Remember that he also is on record as saying:

    “People have got to get over their obsession with cheap food”.

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