If in doubt….PAYRISE!

Fred Bloggs

In the face of the current economic crisis (some might say fiscal armageddon) the goverment has devised a plan, which consists of, briefly, giving themselves a 60% pay rise. No doubt this “plan” will solve all the economic problems in the world, feed all the starving Africans, raise Atlantis, and with all its well-crafted majesty, scare the Russians so shitless they’ll give Lenin a haircut. Or, well, maybe not.

Apart from the Atlantis bit.

Find out more Here.

  • What ought we to do with the buggers, Fred? Things can’t go on like this.

    I take it you saw Daniel Hannan scragging GBrown in the EU. Nearly a million views in under 48 hours, wish they all came through this bolg….

  • When the private sector can longer bear the excess of the public sector, we shall see how their kensyian/stalinist ways realy work.

    The game is afoot Watson!

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