Gordon Brown tries to deflect attention from pre-failed G20 summit, by rearranging the Titanic’s deckchairs.

David Davis

Andrew Roberts, a sharp historian, thinks this is all a smokescreen, although quite important. Post-Enemy-Class-Politics (after the end of repressive and expensive hegemony by the GramscoFabiaNaziLeft) could mean that, in a libertarian polity (a long way off) we might have an hereditary head of State (possible and not inconceivable.)

_IF_ (a biggish “if”) that person was to be “head of The Church of England”, then there would be certain constitutional difficulties regarding sovereignty disputes with the Pope. These were resloved, not to the Popes’ likings, almost 500 years ago. Roberts’ articel does deserve a full read.

And  _IF_  you are bored to tears with that, here’s some nice Hubble images. Shame about the trendy Cubased music:-

I am utterly convinced that deep space does not sound like that at all.

But here’s the Sound of The Sun:-

  • Dave:

    May I put on a still, small voice, and ask for fewer ritual denunciations of Gordon Brown. After a while, they become ‘noise’ rather than ‘signal’, and even MFQD doesn’t recover the ‘message.’

    The idea that a Tory Government led by ANYONE AT ALL would do any better is absurd and misleading.

    If you have a better policy solution, TELL HIM, and only then tell us.

    Such is the paucity of intellectual capital in the UK rhat you can actually get almost ANYTHING done in Washington and London, provided only that you have a passable solution to pressing problems, and you don’t care who claims the ‘credit.’

    Why not make an actual difference in the directions you claim to favour, rather than this vacuous, demoralized and demoralizing whinging…

    [ FX: Q: “How do you tell a British Concorde from a French Concorde??” ]

    [ FX: “The British one keeps right on whining, even after the engines are all switched off…” ]

    Your friend,


  • Tony,
    It is needful to keep on denouncing Gordon Brown.

    If I do not, people may suspect that I even slightly approve of him.

  • Steven Northwood

    Excellent article by Andrew Roberts, one of the few people in Britain today with a clear viewpoint on these kind of issues with history in mind. Who knows what goes through Brown’s mind, and what his real motives are for doing this kind of thing.

    The whole New Labour project seems to have descended into political mediocrity. They’re all out of political ideas, and now they need to spin some, by the looks of things.

  • Steven Northwood

    The Sun. It’s been there a long time, doing what it does. He certainly made an efficient thermonuclear engine when He flipped the switch on that baby. If only we could replicate its physics, we could pull all those stupid windmills and solar panels down… Hmm.



  • Brown is a bully and a coward and his invocation of the Act of Settlement was simply vindictiveness in response to the Queen and the Governor cancelling his credit card.

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