Matters like this are important up here in the Tundra

Flat the Racer

But she’s not saying anything. Good. Family stuff is private. It’s nobody’s damn business.

Hopefully the Racing will be all right. I have no money on it, for I have not a penny to my name right now.

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  • Dave:

    However, when the excellent Dixie Chicks appeared live in London, and indicated their displeasure with BushCheneyCo, a coordinated campaign to ruin them financially, and even to get them _killed_, was organized by Right Wing Pols in the US.

    “Shut Up and Sing, or face being _murdered_” was the message. The US Department of Justice seemed remarkably unconcerned (no doubt because undercover FBI operatives were among those organizing against the Dixie Chicks).

    But the Dixie Chicks wouldn’t shut up, and kept right on singing too, escalating their response.

    Here they are, “Not Ready to Make Nice”

    My sentiments _exactly_…



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