If UK football was this self-regardingly-transparent, then every manager and player in “League Division 1” would be in jail.

David Davis

McLaren is being got at because is it part of the Anglosphere, and the Franco-Germans plus their hot-headed Latin drivers*** can’t stand the loss of face, girls, money and pre-capitalist-barbarian-warlord-adulation. For no other reason. The greatest F1 driver ever, a Mr Schumacher, an anglo-saxon who is from Germany, and who has no peer in his field at this time, ought not to be sullying his name by re-associating himself with the win-crazed-nutters at Ferrari, and their hanger-on in “Europe” who have it in for Anglosphere teams.

Perhaps in a libertarian world, there will be an alternative series, comprising English Public Schoolboy drivers, and any cars they can scrape together for a bit of a jape. Then we’ll start to get somewhere in a few decades as it matures into sponsorable racing.

***Oh, and Rubens Barichello does not count: he is so old, and so experienced,  that he has become English.

  • Steven Northwood

    At the Malaysian GP the presenters were asking the Mclaren team principle why Lewis hasn’t been suspended like the other guy involved, but I’ve seen the footage and it really wasn’t his fault. Moreover he was just doing what the guy told him to, regarding the lie.

    M Schumacher must certainly be looking down the paddock in sombre reflection at the BrawnGP garage, considering their brilliant start to the season.

    He referred to Ross Brawn as Der Ueberkopf (The Superbrain) when they worked together at Ferrari. Heh heh heh, Go Jenson!

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