This has to be satire, it just has to be. This is a wind-up.

David Davis

Look, I know the Hillsborough thingy upset people. But this event described here just cannot have taken place in reality. It exists only in the imagination of journalists and culture-dons, and has been put up on view for a ruse. English people just don’t behave like that.

The libertarian issues here are what the Enemy Class is doing to infantilise a nation’s otherwise adult people, and why.

I never remember football in general, and Liverpool clubs in particular, attrcating this kind of reverential media adulation forty, maybe 50 years ago – not even 25. I hold now to the view that ZanuLieBorg has – as part of the strategy of de-educating “the masses” (their GramscoFabiaNazi term, not mine) have caused the English, in greater or lesser degree depending on how vulnerable a particular regional population is) to accept the idea of forced collective emotionalisation. Especially about trivia: the more trivial the cause of a tragedy, the greater the compulsory collective grieving. Like “Princess” Diana for instance. except that Hillsborough predated her by about a decade, so I don’t know.

British State Wireless Tele Vision (which is to say really all of it) has to take a lot of blame, as a major instrument used by these people.

Don’t get me wrong. I would not have wanted any of my family to die in that place. Or any place. But this just takes the cake for utter, over-the-top mawkishness, about a sport full nowadays of overpaid poseurs and real sporting triviality.

Who excatly is stirring this pot and why, getting poor grief-mad-scousers to keep on agitating for “someone to blame”, simply becasue it is known that such a people will react in this way if prodded?

And it’s 20 years. Going forward, let’s move on. (As some would say…)

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