The emails – smeargate story is going to die, for Gordon Brown will make it so…

…but Guido in the Speccie today has made the witnessing of it all worthwhile. 

The Recording Angel

UPDATE1:- And poor Damian Macbride is to be, perhaps, “disappeared”. What a way for scumbags to treat those who are just trying to serve them faithfully. Andrew Pierce says this, mostly about Hillsborough first, but the McB extract is at bottom of page.***

To watch the lone Paul Staines, somewhere far off, serially ripping the pants off prime-members of the Enemy Class, is uplifting: it confirms that Human nature is not ultimately sinful, since there are individuals who try to make a difference.

The Devil gets why the “left” don’t “get it” about blogging and alleged “right wing blogs”. We are  __not__  “right wing”. We are not any sort of “wing” at all, at-all-at-all. We are merely ideologically-consistent commentators motivated by a desire fo a civilisation that _actually_ works on the lines of Classical liberalism. So in this climate of fire we sound mostly the same (and we are not “funded” by anybody – why this leftist obsession with funding”? Don’t they have any money of their own, or jobs or stuff? Don’t left wing bloggers and commentators do what they do for love? For people and not for profit?)

We are not even, all of us, totally against the concept of a “State”: practicalities of organisation may cause it to turn out that a few, a very few things may have to be organised at a consensually-taxed and collective level. Defence might be one, or it might not. Health and education certainly will not. “Digital engagement”, whatever that might be, certainly will not be on the menu. But big States, lording over peoples who are asleep and ought not to be, tend to get bigger, and start to do awful things. This is all we are objecting to, finally.

But Guido deserves the country’s nay, the world’s, thanks this week. We wonder who will be next? Too much to hope for it to be the sub-prime-minister.

***Even by Gordon Brown’s standards, the treatment of Damian McBride was brutal. When ministers resign or are sacked, there is an exchange of letters to thank them for their service. There was no such courtesy to McBride, even though his only crime was to be caught in the act of trying to destroy the PM’s enemies. There was no acknowledgement of his hard work or friendship, even though he was one of only three or four people in the Labour Party whom the PM trusted, confided in, and regarded as a genuine friend.

Brown humiliated McBride still further by announcing that there was to be no severance pay. If only the PM had been so tough with Sir Fred Goodwin, who has caused far more damage than McBride’s puerile emails.

After Harold Macmillan’s Night of the Long Knives in 1962, when he sacked seven Cabinet members, a young MP called Jeremy Thorpe declared: “Greater love hath no man than this, than to lay down his friends for his life.” McBride is now a dangerous beast with a story to tell. Labour must be hoping that, unlike his master, he understands the meaning of the word “loyalty”.

0 thoughts on “The emails – smeargate story is going to die, for Gordon Brown will make it so…

  1. I would be grateful if someone would direct me to good information on the tenets of libertanian thought and beliefs, for example; what would a libertarian society look like. It seems to me a rich man’s belief system that is good excuse to say f*** you to the weak and the poor.

    This may be my own prejudice, so would happily be proved wrong.

  2. All you havt to do, John, is imagine these things:-

    (1) Human beings are fundamentally co-operative creatures, who do not go out of their way to harm others, but know how to co-operate to the benefit of each. in this sort if civilisation, free voluntary institutions will (and were for a time, under liberal England) come into existence specifically to help those who had fallen by the wayside back to a level of comfort where they could then help themselves.

    (2) You could read F A Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom” which explains how and why certain types of people believe that the above is NOT the case, and how therefore we end up with a society like the 3rd Reich, or indeed even the one we have got here now.

    (3) You could read a pamphlet by Brian Micklethwait (it’s spomewhere one the libertarian alliance web site under ppublications) ,
    called “Capitalism is not a zero-sum-game”.

    That’s for starters – I’ll think of other stuff later which might be useful to you.

    But really, libertarians are not grasping capitalist monsters, after “oil”, or snatching the candy from poor starving babies! We tend to like human beings and want them to do well and be happy and have enough to eat etc. We think they can best achieve this through the Market, which is the uncalculable and unplanned sum of all their own efforts, directed to this.

    We merely believe in an individual’s right to his/her life, liberty and justly gained property – these rights _not_ to be interfered with by force or fraud on the part of any other person or agency (eg the State.) We don’t believe that self-appointed agencies, such as “governments”, can best decide what is in the interests of people.

    Hope that helps for now!

  3. A libertarian society is one in which everyone (within reason, and within objective and subjective reality) can have whatever they want, and do whatever they like (without harming others).

    It’s as simple as that.

    As ‘impossible’ as that.

    And it’s not ‘impossible’, either.

    Just watch….

    And join in… (smiles)



  4. It must also be stated that Libertarianism is not just a political ideology, because it has fundamental points of view regarding human life itself, such as inalienable rights, laws (good laws), and methodological ideas, which I believe are the actual basis of human civilisation.

    Libertarianism promotes self-respect and respect for others.

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