It’s only little


Strange. On my desk, as we speak, is a little parcel. A special little parcel In this parcel are 3 little t-shirts. They belonged to 3 little people but as of yesterday, at 12.30pm the became the property of one Gordon Brown. So he shall recieve them. Along with little the t-shirts is a little note, which reads :-

Dear Gordon,

                            we hope you like our little t-shirts. We liked them too but Mummy says they now belong to you as you need them more than we do. Mummy says she doesn’t need to send you her shirt as you already have it.

                                From Big Squid, Middle Squid and Ickle Squid

I state this is strange because as I look at this little parcel I see all my hopes and dreams for my Squids in there too, along with their little shirts.

Gordon Brown
10, Downing Street

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