Censoring libertarian websites

David Davis

I am indebted to The Devil for this link, which is to some kind of Dutch Statist person, and I have sent (the person) the following comment, in case he censors it….



Dear Mr Paul

I think you also ought to be aware of the websites of the Libertarian Alliance, which is a 40-year-old liberal think-tank and publishing house of long establishment in the UK.

The libertarian Alliance is fully in favour of your right to both think and say what you believe to be right. If you believe that sites which peddle what you think are erroneous doctrines ought to be shut down, then you have every right to say so. We support your right.

 If however you want to censor “liberal” sites in actuality, then you will be no different from socialists such as Nazis and their friends the Stalinists, Maoists, Trotskyists, and any other kinds of “ists” on the side of big-statism.

I am the blogmaster of the Libertarian Alliance. We would like to gain publicity by your trying to have Dutch people’s access to our sites banned in Holland, since we are liberals and you clearly do not view liberalism in quite the positive light that we do..



I’m going to add this: (to his…)

Is there, er, some reason why my comment, posted as an insurance on my own blog, and which was sent to you, has not, er, appeared?

 Are you censoring it? You can of course, because this blog on which I am commenting is of course your property. Do you understand about property? Or does your blog get so few hits that you only clock in every 31st of August in years without an “R” in the name?

  • Andrew Withers (LPUK)

    Bizarre- a race to get banned

  • No real surprise. Not the first occasion something like this have been suggested and in these times certainly not the last time. I myself have written about things like this a couple of times as I see proposals like this as the next steps on this road. Regarding Internet we have ACTA and IPRED that is becoming laws all over Europe and the Americas. But most likely those are only the first ones. I also regard the Obama administration resent document about “right wing” extremists (including libertarians and others that stand against authority) as another similar step.

  • I remember coming across this a while ago- I think it was on a thread in the LPUK forum. His post on death penalty is my fav.

    As far as I can tell, it goes like this:
    1. White people are evil and racist.
    2. White people don’t like the death penalty (proof: Amnesty International)
    3. White people are against death penalty for racist reasons.

    Or something. It would take a code breaker to decyhper it.

  • Oh yes – I think I first came across this a couple of weeks ago when it was mentioned that he had tried the same with the ASI website.

    Extraordinary peanut brained egoist…!

  • We might get some publicity out of it….

  • [ FX: “APPLAUSE!!!” ]

    This past Friday afternoon, I discussed by telephone, with Ms. Hayley Mill of ACPO the case of a “NOTICE OF INTENDED PROSECUTION” which I had just received from SAFECAM, “The Camera Processing Unit”, a non-governmental revenue-gathering outfit, which collects and divvies out millions of pounds Sterling by sending threatening letters to alleged “offenders” selected by their fully-automated CCTV cameras all over the place, which snap the number-plate of the vehicle, and then generate these threatening, moiney-demanding “NIPs” which are purportedly Default Notices of intended Prosecution. The ‘sweetener’ is that they will prosecute with lower fines and fewer penalties if the person pays up promptly without questions.

    It came as a surprise to me that private organizations could possubly issue perhaps unwarranted demands with menaces (a most serious offence) at all…

    The SAFECAM statioery also carries prominently the logo of Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

    These schemes now operate countrywide, cloned via ACPO — itself a most intersting privately-owned business (a company!) owned by the 230 or so Chief Constables and Deputies who, amazingly, constitute its Members, who appoint its Board of Directors… collecting tens of millions of pounds Sterling every year for its activities, which monies are distributed in most interesting (and problematic) ways.

    It might quite possibly be said (and has been, often, by MPs and many others), that ACPO constitutes a private, uncontrolled and arbitrary State within the State, which also (via the Chief Constables, who control the county-by-county Special Branches (the Secret Police ‘action arm’ of MI5 the ‘British Security Service’ (who thus have extensive powers to do almost anything to anyone).

    I asked Ms. Mill where the Crown Prosecution Service figured in all this. Thereupon, she referred me to the Enquiries division of the Crown Prosecution Service HQ in London.

    So I took down her email address, thanked her for talking with me, and we rang off.

    I then telephoned the Crown Prosecution Service. Amazingly, they told me that categories of prosecutive powers had been handed to all the Chief Constables as to whether or no those who do not pay immediately will be criminally prosecuted in the Magistrates’ Courts…

    All this seemed to me to be in clear contravention of standards of justice, the Rule of Law, whatever remains of our Constitution, any form of public accountability and appropriate regulation.

    I explained that the photographs sent to me purported to show a car similar to mine, allegedly passing a red traffic line by around 1.7 seconds in the centre of Bristol in broad daylight. Something seemed dreadfully wrong with these photographs — the back of the care is clearly visible, but there are no rear lights on!

    Volvo 480s, for safety reasons, have an electronic interlock which automatically swithches the running-lights at all times to make the car clearly visible: at the same time, if the lighs do not come on, the Engine Control Unit blocks the engine from turning, so as to immobilize the car…

    si (I asked) how could it _possibly_ be my Volvo 480 — with me driving it — if the car had the back lights out, and was being driven around in Central Bristol??? One obvious answer would be that it was NOT MY CAR but did have my number-plate in the back to evade DVLA owner and driver tracebacks…

    The CPS told me, very guardedly, that they could not act on this matter, because they could only act on reports forwarded to them by the Police after Police investigations… This has to be preposterous — if the Police have to provide evidence for theirto be prosecuted for their own possible wrondoing.

    The CPS insisted that I go to my locakl police station, so as to report a possible crime for investigation by the local police.

    It was not a happy time…

    I then went to my local police station, told me it was nothing to do with them, and directed me to go away and take it all to SAFECAM …

    [ FX: “HO! HO!! HO!!!” ]

    Just another of the people waiting around in the “Station Reception Area” was just one of the 100% (except for me) ethnic minority-group members.

    A pleasant, educated guy, he was desperately concerned about what was and would be happening with his 18-year brother, who was there in detention being interrogated for hours, eithout him being told anything whatsoever as to why or what or for how long…

    I mildly interceded on his account, as a member of Amnesty International, NCCL (Liberty) and the American Civil Liberties Union:

    Human Rights are _everyone’s rights, everyones’ concern_

    Then all Hell let loose. A police seargeat grabbed me, forced me down, hanciffed me, then gripped the hanciff rings as hard as he possibly could, to ratchet-tighten them, cutting deeply into my wrists. They were cleverly-designed with two thon rings of steel edge-on for each cuff to be as painfull as possible. He then dragged me right around the police station, yankung as often as he could on the cuffs’ connecting chain… Hideously, unbearably painful — felling as if your wrists were being ‘progressively’ severed…

    I was thrown into a narrow little passage with a wooden bench on one side, and minatory notices and surveillance cameras on the other… And I waited, and waited and waited, hurting…

    To be Continued… (for eighty more minutes of torture threats, abuse and psycho behavior… A Human Rights Activist ‘disturbing the peace’ by DARING to pplead in a fellow-human’s defence…

    My chosen vocation (one of them…) as a ‘retired’ Cold Warrior and (just maybe, eh?) Former Intelligence Officer…


    And all the time all this was happening, a $99 15-frames-per-second AVI-format SpyCam on my wrist with 8.2 Gigs of Flash Drive with added microphone and Radio Transmission capability in Real time is streaming the whole thing to Fort George Meade in Maryland, USA, direct via satellite to NSA HQ…



    [ “FLASH!!!” ]


    Gotcha you swine,

    Stone cold f*ing dead in the water…

    (One of the smarter officers at the station was desperately trying to draw his colleage’s attention to the beautiful black and white 8 x 10 signed glossy of my friend Admiral Noel Gayler, formerly Director, NSA — DIRNSA).

    They might also have looked a little more closely at the wonderful ‘Athena’ colour photo of an SR-71 Blackbird in USAF markings, in serene high flight, signed just for me, which was signed especially for me by Richard M. Bissell, jr., Director, the War Shipping agency in WWII; Chief economist to the marshall Plan; Director, the ford Foundation; Deputy Director, Plans at CIA and President, The institute for Defense Analyses at Princeton University.

    Both of them incandescently brilliant and humane polymaths, incandescently passionate Warfghters for our freedoms…


    And I still can’t remember quite why i put that watch on when I returned to southmead Police station with the papers their nice female officer had requested…

  • Tried to post a point on “Paul’s” weblog without success. Strange that!

    Nothing like getting banned to promote a cause, we should be grateful to Paul for his efforts on our behalf.

    Have to admit that I nearly fell off my seat laughing at this jerk. Though I suppose we should take him seriously?

    • We should never underestimate the enemy. One day he might actually get the hoons in the Dutch Interior Ministry to do something “for the people” – their Universities must be turning out these people feverishly, just like ours.

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