Swine Flu : and good days to bury bad news underneath people from near Gordon Brown

David Davis

I’m sure that this unlucky couple did not set out with the particular intention of getting whatever ordinary kind of typically-rapidly-mutating-flu-virus “swine flu” is, but it’s quite convenient for the Sub-Prime-Minister that they come from somewhere a little bit near his constituency. A lot is designed to be made of this matter, you just watch.

This is going to be a good day for the guvmint to bury something less unexciting, which we ought to watch out for. More laws probably. Perhaps something to do with traffic lights?

Hat tip the lefty-torygraph. High time that the blogosphere started sending the Dead Tree Press some traffic.

And here we go! Here’s the Dead Treet Press, swinging in behind the best-placed-minister. The MailyDail is even better! Attaguys at the Express!  I can’t believe this is happening to me, i am being assailed by MSM and State-warnings about a moderately harmless virus…those who have something to hide, have something to fear. And Obama might die of it, so we’re all f****d then….

Oh well, this was the bad news obviously.


  • When because of a time-travel accident I blundered into this vulgar ‘Emmett Smith’ embodiment, the merry saying here in southern Minnesota, about Iowa, was:

    ‘Ioway! More pigs than people.,., and some of the people are hogs themselves!’

    It is now PAST time to thin the herd.

  • A cynic would suggest that Gordon Brown arranged for this Swine Flu epidemic in order that he could be removed from the front pages. Once thing is for certain, he is benefiting from all this publicity. However, he can rest assured that the blogosphere will ensure that people remain informed about his shortcomings!

  • This again is off-topic, I apologise, but ‘Sam Adams’ is holding forth n the straightforward american vernacular about “things the way they are,”, at:


  • I agree, the widespread, media induced, fear mongering is out of control…

    When the death tolls from the “Swine Flu”, which came out of nowhere…well, supposedly Mexico…total or surpass those related to cell phone user/driver fatalities…then I will be afraid, very afraid.

    Cell phone drivers are EVERYWHERE!!! I haven’t see the “Swine Flu” nearly run my family off the roadways. 😀

    • Good point. I expect there’s something /really/ terrible that they want to bury, so this shit is being hystericised upwards for now.

  • Worth a read is Dr. Mercola’s article: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/04/29/Swine-Flu.aspx

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