This whole story sounds “made up” – it is a mechanism for…

removing more guns.

Sad man crying and being “violent”, and “seen in possession of a gun” and “waving it”, by a “member of the public”.

Police turn up, shoot man dead.

Police happy: end of story.

Guns = bad. Stalinism = good. Killing of 30 million Russians who opposed collectivism = good (as they had no guns.)

“Mums” = happy.

  • Er, what guns? Other than a few starting pistols and old black powder jobs there’s nothing left but long guns. Well, ignoring the fucking arsenals in the possession of criminals of course, but since their reaction to gun laws is to ignore them completely it’s irrelevant until you’re bleeding to death on the bedroom floor. Potential ban options for the government seem to me to include:
    * Water pistols and toy guns
    * Hot glue guns (vaguely the same shape)
    * DIY filler guns (ditto)
    * Rolled up newspaper (well, if you can get shot for a table leg…)
    * Being a Brazilian electrician (ditto)
    * Bursting balloons or paper bags
    * Pointing with your finger and saying ‘bang’

    Maybe, just maybe, people will start to realize that legislating for madness is pointless. Christ knows I’ve gone on about it at some length and have been saying the same to anti-gun types for nearly twenty years. There’ll always be some that can’t see that taking the gun off a madman won’t stop him building a bomb, but I get the vague feeling that people are starting to realize that banning guns hasn’t made the slightest bit of difference.

  • The way forward is to disarm the police and arm the working and taxpaying part of the population. If anybody really needs to be shot get an army sniper or a special forces soldier to kill them.

    Also, I wouldn’t let the police dress up in riot gear either.

    Furthermore, all chief constables and deputy chief constables should be directly elected by the general public.

    Then perhaps the police would begin to lose their paramilitary mentality and start to serve the public who pay for them once more.

  • “APPLAUSE!!!” Otto!!!

    Tony Hollick

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