Nice pic on Freedom and Whisky

David Davis

Here you can read about how it got shot.

Here it is.

“When we were very young”

“But Now We Are Six”

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  • I still have one of those posters, given to me by Brian nearly twenty years ago.

  • The Black Gate Opens…

    Anduril (“Tony Hollick”)

  • I have just received the transcript text of my Formal complaint to the IPCC against , the ACPO outfit that is headed in our Area by Assistant Chief Constable Jackie Roberts…

    I was beaten up, shackled, tortured and threatened with “certifying”; “cancellation of my Driving Licence”; criminal conviction on the false evidence and — worst of all — “Overnight Detention In The Cells”, a process which has before led to “Deaths on the way to Hospital”

    [ FX: : “HeHeHe…” ]

    I was at Southmead Police Station a week ago last Friday, for refusing to leave until the woodentops had either (a) Taken my complaint; or (b) Allowed me to take Legal Advice from my Attorney…

    I was also asked to go and get and bring to her (a female officer) all the papers and evidence I had, for thorough investigation.

    I thought it appropriate to wear my “Spy DVR Watch” with 8.2 Gigabyte Flash Drive, colour camera, microphone and chunky wrist watch, all in one…

    The Police Sergeant who shackled me, then overclamped the steel shackles (which dug a quarter of an inch deep into the flesh of my wrists) and kicked my newly-dressed compression-stockinged right leg, triggered the “Start” button on my watch.

    The full colour video with sound track (in hour and twenty minutes .AVI format) will be available after the Trials…

    The following event occurred a week later…

    A white Ford Focus drove right through cars, tearning the front wheels off, ramming a group of people on the pavement and _killing Sam, an 11 year old boy…


    The owner/driver’s name was released to the public via police reports… “Hannah SAUF”

    Just for old-times’ sake, do an acronym search on ‘SAUF’ …

    The registration number of the white ford Ficus is or was) given as “X 391 NOK”

    — where “C” = 1 and “I” = 9 and “A” = 1

    N = “NOT” — “OK” == ‘Okay…

    [ FX: “Get it? Got it? Good…” ]

    The video is with Parliament…

    We shall see…

    “Now that I’m Six I’m as Clever as Clever;
    I think I’ll be Six for ever and ever…”

    -A. A. Milne: ‘When we were very young…”

    Anduril (“Tony Hollick”)

    Be Seeing You! Smiles….. Laughs…

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