BNP: How seriously lefties fear other lefties. A great boon that we don’t have these problems.

David Davis

The Independent tries, flailingly and hyperglycaemically, to stop the BNP from winning, er, what?  A couple of council seats, and maybe one at Brussels. Or even not. The BNP. Oh, come on, and think of the BNP: thikn what they are, and think what they say. Thibk, after reading their stuff, how socialist they are. So! Why do British lefties fear them?

Who cares? Those of us who can read, and who therefore can analyse parties’  policy, can see that the BNP is an Old Socialist Party. It competes with the “modern” Stalinist or Hitlerite or Pol-Potian-Left, for the votes of what it thinks, still, is the “old white working class”.

The “modern” lefties, which is to say, the british Stalinists, of which there are a few too many in the £”public sector” and elsewhere, and some are in Parliament, think this class has disappeared. Not. Not quite yet. Thye have shot their semen too early, while wanting a Stalinistically-beautiful orgasm, into the **** of global-one-nation-socialism based on the AnnaBramwelliaNazi-interpretation of how things are.

Look at its policy position on the railways for example. That’s just one. “British jobs for British workers” – that’s another: what’s the diff between that and North Korea? We are no better or worse off with the BNP in power here (and there) than we were with ZanuLiebORG – but all that we could hope is that we may get a few more years of time to mitigate the worst excesses of Stalinism, ‘coz the BNP are “not very serious at all” (ask Stalin if they shoot priests. As far as I know, they still do not do so.)

Now, it does not mean that an being  [or even aspiring to be]  an old fascist-lefty, as opposed to a new one, or a “Labour Party Supporter”, or a “Liberal Democrat”, is a wrong thing to be in a liberal democracy (although actually being an old-fascist-lefty is indeed wrong objectivistically and will lead to tears, famine, death and an Extinction Boundary.) You could even be a “Conservative”, and old-fascist-leftyness – unless you have your thinking-cap about your person – cannot be far from your pledge-list.

No. The problem about the BNP is that the wrong people think it stands for the wrong things. It is  _not_  a “right-wing”, anti-government, anti-socialist party. It is a temporary repository for the votes of people (who would norlally be socialists) who have not thought things through properly, but who are rightly angry about what’s been done to them and theirs, by people whom they thought were on their side. In this respect it is precisely like Hitler’s NSDAP: it is the cradle of the franchhise of all those people who have felt let down by those whom they thought they trusted.

There is nothing that can be done about this matter for now, for the UK’s governing party has done all that it can – via its own policies – to bring about a great result for the BNP. This will be sad but I am afraid inevitable. 

We will have to Drain The Bitter Cup. For now.

0 thoughts on “BNP: How seriously lefties fear other lefties. A great boon that we don’t have these problems.

  1. The actual issue is that the BNP is in poor straits financially at the mo. They may now get a MEP, and hence EU funding for his “office”.

    I have read (but am not sure about) that this funding will something like £350k a year. That source of funding is what keeps the Lib Dems afloat, btw. So the BNP will be on much firmer ground.

    Personally I don’t fear the BNP since I think they have zero traction and zero chance of getting any – for the forseable future at least.

    More of a risk is that ZanuLabORG (l’ve nicked it) starts down the “British Jobs for British Workers” “Send them Home” route following a crushing (forthcoming) in the polls.

    I have often thought that the hysterical quality of the anti-racist hegemonic discourse was to mask some deep seated “issues”.

  2. In any durable libertarian set-up, we damn sure will need either a limited franchise, for a number of generations anyhow; or else, per Mr LUC, a damned well-written and AIR-TIGHT constitution: in order to allow this ‘universal’ ‘right’ to vote plaything loose on some safely nullified level of popular entertainment & diversion. (The children of the lesser gods in the interval /could/ be let to vote things like ‘Which Celebrity Do YOU Want For President?’ and so forth, with a big awards ceremony on telly after….)

    Real success awaits the prior development of what Robert A Heinlein [pbuh] calls an effective understanding of /moral science/.

    Meanwhile rather obviously, public subsidy of any of these ‘parties’ (factions) on grounds of puniness, unpopularity (!) and/or fiscal mal-nourishment is a load of old cat cunodens.

  3. The particular brand of venom which the ruling class reserve exclusively for the BNP is nothing to do with the BNP’s left wing policies.

    The reason why the ruling class despises the BNP so much is the latter’s impetus to resist a central part of the strategy of the Gramscians: the cultural and ethnic destruction of the United Kingdom and the conversion of these islands into a collection of un-countries dominated by a regional government.

    If the BNP suddenly decided to promote policies to legalise drugs, support free trade, privatise the NHS and shut down most of the public sector, it would still receive a hostile reception from the powers that be on account of its racial and cultural conservative leanings.

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