The terrifying decline, under suppression, of the British Pub … and the ending of “pick your own” strawberries”

…So I guess they’ll just have to go in the bin then.

David Davis

I’m sure it’s done on purpose, like other GramscoFabiaNazi wickednesses.

“Vertical drinking”…?

My trousers.

  • It is as much as your life is worth here too, to let some sonofabitch step onto the property to pull a few stems of rhubarb….

    Jesus Christ.

    But I still don’t think there should be caps on lawsuits, they are one of the oldest elements in our law. It is all the body of “findings” by the state about how this, that and the other is NOT “safe” that is the Devil in it all. At THAT point tort & suit become tools of the structural attack by income-needy Public Liberals on strong property rights.

    The other thing good about suits is it is the one of two ways left to get money in a late-decadent period of historical degeneracy & generalized —ing up by the numbers — the only other one is lotteries. This is ALL the fruit & bitter weeds of credentialism:

    “Hi, I’m a Trained Liberal, glad you met me, where do you got them wimmen and little boys and the drugs stashed, gimme…(drool, fester, rot!)”

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