There are very few “poor old chaps” left to witness the destruction

David Davis

Sixty-five years ago today, by the evening, everyone knew it was just a matter of time: especially the principal staff officers of OKW and OKH. That is why some of them decided to try and assassinate their leader, that the possibility of terms being offered, and minimising further destruction, could be considered (yes, some also just wanted to save their own skins later.) The parallels with Westminster today are obvious.

I wonder what goes through the minds of the surviving “veterans” (I prefer to call them “old chaps” – “veterans” is a word now lynched by other stalinists like Mugabe) when they survey the wreckage of their country, and that of The West to some extent – wrought by some of the same kind of droids as Gordon Brown and all his friends from their various Universities.

I may add thoughts to this later. Here’s Daniel Hannan’s two-penn’orth, on the ZanuLieBorg meltdown, from “sources closer to the bunker” than I am.

0 thoughts on “There are very few “poor old chaps” left to witness the destruction

  1. And the people who launched the great big collectivist con (was it Robespierre, was it Venice or was it European mercanlists living in America?) what do they make of their mess?
    Was it really worth it to get the family to have a big fight?

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