Michael Schumacher: could he be The Stig?

David Davis

I would be happy and relieved if he was, but it appears, maybe, that he is (perhaps) not….

0 thoughts on “Michael Schumacher: could he be The Stig?

  1. Sort of yes, but mostly nope I think. The Stig for the FXX lap, almost certainly and necessarily since it’s his car. But it’s widely believed that there are multiple Stigs – one or more regular racing driver Stigs, the occasional stunt driver Stig for the crazy stuff (like Mini on a ski-jump), anyone who fits a spare set of white overalls for promos and events where the Stig is supposed to show up and stand there in silence, and one off Stigs where a rare, unusual or works car is doing a timed lap (the Stig that drove the Renault F1 is rumoured to have been current McLaren driver Heikki Kovalainen). I think it’s like Death in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. One of the books said that Death is whoever happens to be doing Death’s job. The Stig is simply whoever is wearing the white lid and overalls at any particular time.

  2. Incidentally, no comment on the race and the involvement of that steam loco you like to put up videos of? I’m no steam enthusiast and can’t bear trains for anything less than continent crossing, but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it and the fact that there are people who care enough to build the thing from scratch gives me a warm fuzzy. I’m hoping someone will get the same thing done with a DeHavilland Mosquito one day.

  3. Just found out that Uhaul sells car carriers. My husband purchased about two weeks ago and got one hell of a deal on it! I definately recommend them if your looking for something of that sort.

  4. Michael Schumacher? No chance, the real Stig is Margret Thatcher!
    (They say she’s broken her arm, but in fact she’s test driving new supercars in Italy.)

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