More control of the internet, coming soon to a computer near you…

David Davis

Look here chaps.

If Al-Quaeda (whatever they may be or have been) want to attack your interweb facilities – or whatever is being proposed by our dear leaders that said “Al-Quaeda” is doing – then WTF do you keep the characters whom you dub “Special Forces” for, eh?

If GCHQ (whatever and wherever that may now be) [and I quote here:-

Another new development will see the creation of a “cyber-forensics” team based at GCHQ, the Government’s eavesdropping centre in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

The Cyber Security Operations Centre will constantly monitor, analyse and counter cyber attacks as they happen.

Lord West said the terrorists’ capability to launch attacks was something he believed “will develop” in future.]

…then surely our spooks must know where the attack-droids are?

The problem, to me, looks like a setup for more control and surveillance of internet use by ordinary individuals in their offices and homes, not exactly a proposal to go out and get the buggers who  __may__  actually be attacking it.

What, pray, is the SAS for then?

0 thoughts on “More control of the internet, coming soon to a computer near you…

  1. What all goverments fail to mention is that it’s cheaper and easier to protect sensitive data by not having their systems attached to the internet!

    Someday hopefully, without bloodshed we will get politicians who represent the people and not corperations who financialy support them (as well as sell them sollutions!)

    could we clone Ron Paul do you think?

  2. whoops, it’s companies wishing to sell products that convince politicians that said products are neccesary.
    That’s where the big problem is, politicians have relied on “advice” for too long instead of having real world experience.
    Combine this with the financing side of a political party and you can see why cartels and manopolies are created by govermental regulation.

    Most of the “hackers” are not as serious a problem as the politicians are lead to believe.
    It’s corperatism and that can only exist whilst parties/politicians are in the pay of large corperations as well as taking advice from select groups with their own interests.

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