This is not just “learning” – this is __National Socialist Learning!__

Thank you, thank you Marks and Spencer, for a grandly-appropriate copyline-template! I promise to try to buy your food…for a while. Even though it’s bloody expensive and not much better than the opposition.

This bit [above] is for foreign readers of whom we have many many, and who may not be familiar with State-British-Wireless-Tele-Vision-Advertising-Initiatives, to do with superior food-types for the Enemy-Class to buy.

It remains an extraordinary thing, to me, and unintelligible also, that people ought to be allowed to revere Marks and Spencer, as a premier-league retailer, in Brown-Bliar’s New Britain – it is Jewish, after all. Are we not supposed to hate, despise and revile the “Jews”, since they occupy “Palestine”?

No? (Sorry for the digression – I will not do it again, until tomorrow.)


David Davis

[Sorry about that above digression too…it’s just the hot evenings in Lancashire these summers when we can grow vines and woad and olive trees: it gets to me and my arthritis, and I sound off against all these defenceless intellectuals, with my laptop in the garden – it’s the global warming, you see…..]

Teachers will have to have a “Licence to kill teach” ….

Truly, the British National Socialist scumbag State gets more endearlingly dangerous by the day, even in its death-throes.

Actually, I don’t think it’s in its death-throes at all. And it’s going really fully after teachers that won’t like the “National Curriculum” and its newer mods, and it’s doing it now while nobody notices. While all you buggers out there think it’s just pretending not to notice that it can’t really issue any Gilts that buyers would take seriously.

And you’re not getting any election any time soon that matters. So f*** you. That’s what they think.

I think the buggers are gearing up for a renewed major assault. Why?

All because all you Tory buggers who read this (and I know you do…becasue I know…) have failed to tell diddy-David-Cameron to repudiate publicly, now, all British Government Debt contracted after this blog-post and before your (not entirely certain) election….

0 thoughts on “This is not just “learning” – this is __National Socialist Learning!__

  1. I expect we shall have to agree to disagree on Israel. In fact, the idea of shifting all of these tortured and miserable, still not-wanted, people out of Europe and onto the backs of some peasant farmers abroad was — and, supporting this all remains — the most vile kind of disguised antisemitism. To begin with, the Zionist movement represented in itself the most decided “generation gap” in Jewish history, short of the decision of many Jews at the Enlightenment to abandon their family creed, at the time of Napoleon. Zionism was an entirely understandable response to the tsarist pogroms /and/ the dimly-perceived looming upwelling of the germanic psychic sewer after the Dreyfus outbreak among the West Franks. But, it is still not clear to me that the rationale that this is all “for the sake of the dead” and “that there be no more victims” holds good on either point. The people who died in their millions in the main, I expect, wanted to harm no one and simply to be left alone. The people whom our policymakers were only too glad at bottom to see out of Europe were allowed to go off willy-nilly and anachronistically playing at settlers & Red Indians at the eve of the ending of the colonial age. It is all very well to speak of the great personal obligation that men, in the main of honor, such as Truman and Churchill may have felt toward individuals — but, paying off ones obligations as in investment banking with other people’s stuff — and lives — is both an old stunt and /not/ right. It is perfectly “historical” so to do, of course, and in the msin is sure to guarantee more…History.

    As a Libertarian, however, I would feel it just not on to try to look at this all in any other way, and the added irony is (especially in the light of literalist Nazi “theory”) that the Palestinians, whom everyone desperately wishes /were/ a made-up “people,” probably have more actual Jewish blood, going back to before Vespasian, than these hatchet-faced Ashkenazi.

    (Altogether of course, just maybe, we are only lucky that the first Nazis didn’t have DNA swabs, these remain the purlieu and appurtenance of the the post-Hitler “U”K/EU.)

  2. Agree with you about the DNA scam – as to Israel as things stand, yep: we’ll probably have just to politely disagree!

    But I do understand what you say to be a /well-argued/ position to take.

    As they also say but not on her, or not often anyway: “Q:- What’s the current name for France? A:- West Germany.”

    What should be analysed more deeply is why European nations have historically got like that about “the Jews” – Yes I know all about the Catholic Church probably conspiring, probably for financial reasons, in the “they killed Jesus” thing, but that can’t be the whole of it.

  3. The jews were the main money lenders of europe, not many kings liked to pay back their debts and every so often used any excuse to turn the people against them, thus driving away their creditors and not needing to repay the loan (they virtualy wiped out the knights templar for the same reason.)

    As such they have become a historicly easy target for dictators/tyrants to turn the people against when things were getting a little tricky (no money, political power waining, recent bad military defeats, take your pick)

    The idea after the war of giving them a homeland was good, planting them in the middle of arabs who disliked them was bloody stupid (that’s what happens when politicians make decisions!)

    I totaly agree that they share more blood with the palestinians than any others on this mud ball planet, but religion and old blood don’t forget easily.
    pretty messed up world we live in.

  4. If only the manifest and obviously material causes of hatred and frantic cruelty were the whole of any explanation. One cannot be either libertarian or muslim without being a thoroughgoing optimist, after all, certainly not if one is going to get to the heart of the matter, which is a direct and living relation with all of the future — and beyond. That said, it is raining on no ones parade, I trust, to acknowledge that Evil draws a lot of water still in this epoch of the omniverse, and when mental and moral laziness enter into the experience of a Nature just starting to become self-aware, taken together with a great of sloganeering, then whole populations of creatures once again are for the high jump. On one level, this is all simply a consequence of the high signal-to-noise ratio of existence on the present inefficient molecular scale. As matter now stands (NB), a lot of the physical business of biological life keeps many confined to “reasoning” on this pretty exclusive either-or basis:

    “Either I, Arab or Jew, get to eat the sandwich, /or/ the other Semite….”

    Almost by biological definition and because of all these brawling homeostases that, so to speak, want to “stop time,” the whole problem of History may be said to be that of /anachronism/.

    (To return to the crass milieu anew, I perceive that the only legitimate stand any constitutional territorial state can take is to insist on equal treatment in law across the board, for /all /dwelling in Israel-Palestine, certainly as /the/ quid pro quo for support of the Israeli state against hamhanded buffoons of the Ahmadimadick and Hogman Mudbark school. The real question, for western states certainly, is to what extent our sovereignties have been already compromised by that tarbaby in the Levant and, now, quagmire, not in Iraq [for the decision was never there] but Afghanistan, that testing ground on many occasions, of the final viability of not a few states — and, empires.

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