Presenting a predictable piece of piss

David Davis

The UK is the world’s “74th happiest country”, from a survey based on “inequality” and a nation’s “carbon footprint”.

Well, there you are. And Burma, a tyrannical collectivist autocracy, comes 22nd.

0 thoughts on “Presenting a predictable piece of piss

  1. If the state tells us if we’re happy, then we should be happy, because the state is never wrong and never lies.
    The state is so brilliant we should give it all our businesses, houses, banks and money.
    Oh…Err the’ve already taken them.
    Now the only way to repay the state for all their kindness is for me to give them my soul.
    I know that’s kind of a overly excessive gift, but they’ve taken everything else off me.

    I’ve got to hand my soul in now, I’ll see you later when I’m a mindless citizen hell-bent on reducing global warming.

  2. I’m usually happy, I’m certainly enjoying Broon’s death throes and the crepuscular machinations of Meter Pandelson


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