The Libertarian Alliance “Empty Human Skull Award”, No-1

Given weekly, from now on, for “The most dangerous person on the planet”. Primarily for

“services to the Human Race that will lead directly or indirectly to its rapid extinction in geological time terms.”

Awarded today to Beth Stratford.

These people really are dangerous, much much worse and “more serious” than the Taliban (whatever he might be) or “Islamic Fundamentalists”. The latter can be cured 100%, with $20,000 each plus a sexy “Palestinian” girl and a 4-yr-old Golf GTI. I estimate that $100 million and 5,000 chicks would crack the “war on terror” – and the government’s old-car-scrappage-scheme can provide all 5,000 cars for about another $15 million.

The Beth Stratfords can’t be fixed so simply: they really believe what they are saying, unlike the former.

The dollars the Stratford-types already have: the girl won’t do it for them (I don’t blame her) and they (say they) don’t like cars. So we are temprarily stuffed for a bribe. Suggestions, any one?

[ITEM: added to bog-roll. And this is a frightening one from them, which I confess I didn’t know about.]

0 thoughts on “The Libertarian Alliance “Empty Human Skull Award”, No-1

  1. Why bother with a bribe at all? She’s already broken the law so has by her own choice left her liable for sticks rather than carrots. I’d suggest a little creative sentencing is in order. Something like being forced to live the lifestyle she wants to inflict on the rest of us. A couple of months total freedom on a spare island somewhere (the UK must have plenty with edible plants growing and maybe some animals she could trap if she’s not a vegetablist) with all the benefits of the type of pre-industrial society she wants, i.e. very roughly square root of fuck all. No power, no shops, no medicine or doctors if she falls ill or just falls, no housing that she can’t construct herself, no communication with the outside world unless they make signal fires, and no transport off the depressing and backward rock until someone comes and gets them… but on the plus side minimal carbon footprints all round. And at the end of the two months she could stay if she wanted, though I’d bet she could be tempted off with a McDonald’s Happy Meal and the promise of clean clothes and a warm bath.

  2. Angry Exile mistakes the nature of our home grown religous fanatics. Two months of reality wont shift the belief sytems – I know for a fact that even seeing there kids dying of trivial infections wont alter their minds.

    I speak as someone who “flipped” a RCPB(ML) member once… there’s no hope with the deep greens – we must kill them.

  3. I’m a bit afraid davidncl is quite right here. Although there are deep=greens elsewhere, they do not display the relentless ferocity of our British ones. Indeed, we have here in our town, a 74-year-old resident who has even founded his own “charity” (it is actually a real one not fake) which goes to Spain and breaks the law on purpose regarding things like the Pamplona Bull Run. (It’s called FAACE = fight against animal cruelty in Europe.) he and his late wife regularly got into serious scrapes with the Spanish Police.

    So we are up against not only real GreeNazis but ones which intend to export their particular fundamentalist brand of Green Terror (green outside, red inside, like Kermit) to peaceful nations which have done them no harm.

    As soon as I can find the post refs, I will flag those which cover the “Udenopticon”, which is an ingenious device along the lines of what Angry proposes, but a bit more exciting.

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