David Davis

Apologies to Obnoxio, for hijacking directly his post title, but it describes exactly the frustration and ire of about 40 of us, all of whom failed the UK’s new “Citizenship Test”. Go there, try it for yourself, and you’ll see why.

Imigration-Watch International thinks the questions are odd too.

  • Hah! Lightweights – haven’t lived there for 10 years,never heard of some of the choices offered,passed (79% in 3 mins 54) Have to say though,I was quite surprised at the amount of sociological statistic mongering required.I’d have thought day to day legal stuff,eg litter laws,would have been more appropriate.

  • Damnit, education is NOT free.

  • Some of the questions were a bit bizarre: ‘How many children un 19 are there in the UK? 13 million, 14 million, 15 million, or 16 million?’ Everybody who has ever been involved in creating tests knows that, with multiple choice, there must be at least one answer that is obviously, glaringly wrong. You cannot choose four answers that are so similar to one another as to be practically indistinguishable.

    • It’s clearly designed only to allow to pass:-

      (1) Post-doctoral research fellows in “political geography”,
      (2) Really nerdy boner-uppers on Government-Statistics (that is to say, unemployed wannabe-benefit-claimants who have all the time in the world unlike the rest of us)
      (3) people who have read the 2001 census as serious bedtime entertainment,
      (4) Those who have been instructed in all the answers, by those who need them to pass it (and who have already pre-filled in the candidates’ postal votes for them.

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