Another one

David Davis

Why do I only spot stuff years after everyone else? Don’t I spend  _/enough/_  time already in front of the confuser, or something? Does everything worthwhile on a confuser have to be done in the dead of night for hour after hour after hour, over endless coffee and Dr-Pepper? (That can’t be how Bill Gates succeeded….or was it?)

Incidentally, if anyone knows how to, and would like to volunteer to help me to, pretty-up the sidebar of this blog (as I can’t find the controls in WordPress for how to do it) I would be grateful. I want for example to categorise the blogroll in the fancy nifty way everybody else seems to be able to do, and I can’t find how to “edit the template” or “use CSS” or stuff like that.

I haven’t the time to learn it from first principles as I have a wife and young family (wife demands to be socialised with, by me, with calculated randomness specifically at times when I am wanting to compute deeply, and this causes violent  ructions.) And I also have to perform duties and imposts with some regularity.

So any help from readers about doing interesting stuff with the appearance of this blog would be welcome. (I can’t even find how to import and place things called “widgets”. I can “get widget” – that’s easy, but what’s next baffles me utterly…)

  • the blog roll is easy, you can create categories the same way you do with your posts. it will put them in alphabetical order though hence the numbers on mine. as for widgets i’m clueless, i’ll have a look next time i’m in front of the laptop.

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