In advance of the conference…

David Davis

…and do book now before it’s too late,

I’d like Libertarians to think on this, for I may intimate thoughts about it, whether in the session I will be moderating on the Sunday afternoon or at other times as the opportunity is afforded to me:-

Is extremism in defence of liberty a vice or a virtue?

0 thoughts on “In advance of the conference…

  1. It was Senator Goldwater (pbuh, and for whom I campaigned as a fifteen-years’ old schoolboy) who said that first, in 1964.

    Obviously, it is a bit over the top (and awful semantics, too!) to identify ‘all’ of one’s happiness and well-being with ones politico-sociological fate as a biological social species-member — but, being unduly annoyed by my gregarious fellows if they get out of hand and try to be TOO chummy with my stash of females and weed means they WILL be shot.

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