Uranium, Tungsten, OIL, and young women of whom we have never heard…

…always have “amazing bodies”.

David Davis

As Auberon Waugh would have said: “I do not know”. But the Daily Mail always does.

The Daily Mail is about health scares and amazing bodies. I wonder why?

Please could somebody say who “Tess Daly” is? She can’t be a politician or I would have already heard of her. (I’ve looked up “Strictly Come Dancing”, to which she has some linkage, and I do understand what it is supposed to be, but what is the point of it?)

Perhaps, more importantly than presenting a dancing-prog, she works in MacDonald’s in a branch to which I have not been?

Oh! I know now! She’s a Wireless Tele Vision Cook! She does River Cottage!

She’s that neopastoralist old-Etonian pretending to be a woman, who bloody effing well ought to know better than proselytizing what he does on the telly!

Truly, the unbridgeable epistemological ravine –  between those who would like to say that there is no functional limit to the tonnages of Copper, Uranium, Tungsten and Chromium or OIL that can be mined, and those who watch Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and his amazing body after giving birth – is, er, epistemologically-unbridgeable.

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