Here’s Johnny!

Fred Bloggs.

I’m baaack!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I’ve just moved house and things have been a bit very chaotic recently. We found several interesting secrets about the place though, like woodworm…

My internet has been off for three weeks because  of the strangest reason I’ve ever heard. Was it software? No. Was it a faulty BT Home Hub? no?

It was ANTS! The little buggers had died in droves in the main phone socket, and had degraded the wiring.

Even Mother Nature is working against me posting.

0 thoughts on “Here’s Johnny!

  1. Fred, did you by any chance keep a sample of the little critters?

    We could extract them with ethanol-water, and titrate for the [formic acid] assumed to be present, which I’ll have to check regarding its effect on copper wiring (I suspect it is slow but sure.)

    This exercise will be deemed to advanced to be submitted as an A-level practical, so you can forget using it for that.

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