Truancy: and the reason is…

…that the “National Curriculum” totally outdoes even the Daily Mirror in the department of uttermost boring triviality, and unfitness to be termed a “knowledge-delivery-system”. It is a self-amplifying socialist outdoor-relief-system for increasing education bureaucracy and spending.

David Davis

If you remove all semblence of interesting knowledge – along with anything that helps one’s ability to marshall facts and opinions, let alone distinguish one from the other – from what schools teach, then you will get pupils deciding it’s less depressing for them if they just don’t turn up any more. Frankly, I don’t blame most of the poor little buggers. With of course 50 years of hindsight, I’d be turned off dead by most of what they have to “learn” today. It’s all dressed up as “child-centred” and “relevant” and “interactive”. But to pass the exams, you have to use the words in the Vulgate and tick the right boxes.

Sean Gabb had something to say about truancy a few momths ago, here.

0 thoughts on “Truancy: and the reason is…

  1. Both your post, and Sean Gabb’s post with comments from a year and a half ago are very interesting. It gives a lot of insight. I almost envy you, Dr Gabb, that you were able to get away. The system now, filling with PC junk is mind numbing. But I know it was also so quite a long time ago. Yes, part of turning out dutiful citizens, whatever the prevailing ideology. Only now, as the global village truly does go global and shrinks it down to the village, the implications are scary. When technology becomes possible it becomes inevitable. Total interaction, down to our very thoughts and emotions is almost on us. There is no more a private place anywhere and we still don’t have the wisdom to run an honest friendship. Education is the making of the zombies to come. Smiling to order. Condemning to order. Without a love of truth it would seem indeed that we are facing something awful.

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