How to kick the UK further into the poo: part 1 – tax “the City” more.

David Davis

Yep, that’ll really make banks and traders want to stay here, won’t it.

They’ll queue up to open bigger offices, and employ more people, so “Lord” “Turner” can define how “socially useful” they are, and administer suitably-popular public spankings.


If “The City has grown beyond a reasonable size”, then that makes Lord Turner a “PLANNER”.

Ahhhhhhhhh……………Gosplan! Bisto! Stalinism!

And I don’t know whether Samizdata got to it before I did, but you can read Jonathan’s excellently detailed analysis here.

0 thoughts on “How to kick the UK further into the poo: part 1 – tax “the City” more.

  1. Do the big banks and other fininacial organisations, and the ruling elite including government swap personnel a lot of the time? If so it would seem they are proposing a tax on themselves. If acting in there own best interest and the best interest of their food troughs is normal practice for these guys (sorry, chaps), which we know it is, then I guess we can assume they are up to something else. It would seem the tax on the elites is not primarily intended to simply tax the elites, but perhaps rather to extend control?
    In fact, the way the trend was to push, push and demand that debt be established as the norm until it became unsustainable, and then to pump in vast billions, I would seriously suspect that some people are up to something here that we really are not quite understanding.
    So now they complain about the petty cash of these bonuses paid to themselves, while the real fortunes slide into their pockets. But I do mean the REAL fortunes.
    Or something like that?

  2. Interesting thought, John B. But actually I don’t think that’s what’s going on. I think the picture is as exactly simple as it looks in this case.

    I really believe that the Gosplanners, such as “Lord” “Turner”, actually think that you _can_ and (worse in my view) _ought to_ regulate and plan individual people’s financial decisions and dealings on a global scale.

    As you will know from reading about the Libertarian Alliance and from looking at this blog and our sites, we don’t think that’s a feasible option for humanity to extract the best situations that it can or should be able to, from the planet and the universe that we find ourselves all stuck in. Sorry, for the roughness and un-hewn character of that reply, but I’ve got to rush and see a student!

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