Joe Kennedy the bootlegger

David Davis

Further to my last posting, I just did want to say that, in view of it being wrong for the State to prohibit any drugs, there was nothing intrinsically wrong in Joe Kennedy being a bootlegger. He merely took advantage of an available window.

It’s just that his exalted reputation stands today on the fact that hiding one’s bootlegger history is regarded as good, if you can engineer your enty to the Enemy-Class as a getout.

If the State was  “a good” (as opposed to a bad thing), then bootlegging would not have existed, and the Kennedys would have been failed immigrant Irish beggars. I wonder if WW2 would perhaps then have finished earlier than it did, since the USA would have received different diplomatic advice in early 1940?

I must also add that I have no grudge against the Irish, who ought always to have been our brothers and sisters in adversity and triumph – whatever the weather –  as I have said for about 14 years on eurorealist. After all, they live only about 80 miles from me here at the furthest, and are closely related to whoever lives here in the North with us all, because of Vikings and that stuff.

There is an argument that the Irish saved the world. I lean towards it sometimes myself. You might not agree but you can discuss it on here if you want.

0 thoughts on “Joe Kennedy the bootlegger

  1. This Joe Kennedy was a bad man & a piece of work. It just goes to show, Scratch A Public Liberal (that means G W Bush, too!) and you WILL uncover a dynasty…and, flyspecks on all the pessaries.

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