This here is very very funny and I do not know what to make of it at all..

so I guess our reader had better read it and see for (him her it)self.

David Davis

I know – I’ll now refer to the reader as “the readroid”…that will fix the anti-sex-GramscoFabiaNazis …  oh, I’ve twigged…they don’t want people to have sex, ‘coz it’s nice. Only for them, not for “us”. Droit-du-Seigneur and all that semi-mythical crap – is that what they are thinking?

So how-they-gonna-create-enough-slaveproles then? After the Endarkenment has been brought about, and with the re-standardised pre-capitalist infant death rates and all that, to which we will go back forwards?

0 thoughts on “This here is very very funny and I do not know what to make of it at all..

  1. David, I’m not sure what the link has to do with the stuff after your name to be honest.

    The “shocking revelation” about the RCP isn’t a shocking revelation at all. Sp!ked Online’s crowd started off as trotskyites and have ended up after many years as class-war libertarians, which so far as I’m concerned is a pretty fine place to be, but that’s because I think I may be one too (though sadly I have not yet been invited to the secret conspriacy cabals).

    The Revolutionary Communist Party doesn’t exist any more so far as wikipedia says. The Sp!ked mob used to be in it. So far as I can tell they travelled the road from trotsyism to anti-statism, which is a reasonable road to follow if you start off with the stated intent of marxism (the emancipation of the masses) and grow up enough to realise that the state is the very thing that prevents the emancipation of the masses.

    Not all libertarians are former (or still) conservatives. Some are former lefties too.

    And Sp!ked are trying to get stuff done, using the tacticery of the left, which is what we all should be doing, instead of complaining about what people used to be. Bear in mind that George Monbiot hates them and has tried to start a similar conspiracy panic about them, and it that isn’t an endorsement nothing is.

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