Ephraim Hardcastle of the Daily Mail misidentifies his David Davises


Perhaps we and the Libertarian Alliance  don’t exist either.

Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance writes:-

Dear Comrades,

Writing in today’s “Daily Mail”, the columnist Ephraim Hardcastle claims
that David Davis, the Conservative MP and former shadow Home
will be speaking at the Libertarian Alliance conference next month

On behalf of the Libertarian Alliance, I wish to say that “The Daily
Mail” has made the mistake of assuming that there is only one person in
the whole world called David Davis. In fact, the person speaking at our
conference will be David Davis, our Northern Affairs Director. The
Conservative MP of that name has not been invited, and has not, to our
knowledge, offered himself as a speaker.

This being said, we do not, on this occasion, think that an alleged
involvement with a Conservative MP has brought the Libertarian Alliance
into disrepute. David Davis MP is a special case. When he stood for
re-election last year in protest against the Labour police state, we
endorsed him and were pleased when he accepted our donation to his
election funds. Though we would be very cautious about accepting any
other Conservative MP to our conference – where children and the easily
alarmed will be present – we would be delighted to welcome David Davis
and would give him a seat of honour at the Saturday Banquet.

Of course, we will not take “The Daily Mail” to the Press Complaints
Commission. Nor will we threaten proceedings for libel. We fully
understand that newspaper writers nowadays are often far too busy trying
to keep their jobs to bother with checking the truth of the stories they

While writing, I will remind you that the Libertarian Alliance Conference
will take place at the National Liberal Club in London on Saturday 24th
and Sunday 25th October 2009. The full brochure and booking form can be
found here:


And we are once again offering a cash prize of £1000 for the best essay
on a theme set by Sean Gabb. This prize is made possible by the
generosity of Teresa Gorman. Full details of title and other conditions
may be found here:


In closing, we one again assure our many friends and supporters that
allegations of a close relationship between ourselves and David Cameron’s
Conservative Party are wholly without foundation. We now hope this matter
can now be put behind us.


Sean Gabb
Director, The Libertarian Alliance (Carbon Positive since 1979)
sean@libertarian.co.uk Tel: 07956 472 199 Skype Username: seangabb



Wikipedia Entry: http://tinyurl.com/23jvoz


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