E Coli is __not__ a virus

David Davis

My heart bleeds for the cheeeldren. The “reason the farm stayed open was because of money”. (So why else would it be there then?)

Anyone who calles their children “Aaron” and “Todd” in the 21st Century, and refers to them as “guys”, deserves to stay thinking E Coli is a virus.

And by the way, what is a “petting farm”? Is it where you go to have a snog?

0 thoughts on “E Coli is __not__ a virus

  1. Yes, a petting farm is where we go to make believe animals (especially cuddly ones) are the same as humans which would imply the possibility of snogging, I suppose (before we also kill and eat them, anyway.)

  2. It’s funny, as a child I was taken to petting zoos and poked and prodded many animals (with my fingers!) many, many times and never, ever washed my hands and suffered no ill effects at all. One wonders what is wrong with this latest batch of humans.

  3. They are kept too clean as babies. They are washed, nappied and de-nappied at five-minute intervals, kept in when it’s cold, shielded when it’s too hot, and fed medicnines at the slightest hint of a cough or sneeze. They are also not permitted to put strange berries or insects into their mouths (as we did.)

    Their immune systems cannot thus develop at a critical time in their lives, when their ancestral stem-populations of lymphocytes can undergo enough variation and proliferation.

    They will fall prey to diseases which we’d not have done. It may also explain why so many people have allergies today, to so many ordinary natural hunter-gatherer-type foods, such as nuts.

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