Margaret Thatcher disappears

Michael Winning

The Last Ditch has noticed that someone called Harriet Harman has listed lots of powerful women, without mentioning one of the most significant.

My colleague’s phrase “GramscoFabiaNazis” (is that the right spelling? Did he invent it?) applies to Harman in spades.

It’s hard to know what really to do about these people: Davis is right that there may be no useful place for them in a post-Stalinist society.

0 thoughts on “Margaret Thatcher disappears

  1. What else might one expect from the mean-minded and resentful.
    Thatcher’s legacy will live on. Unless, perhaps, history is completely re-written. They are trying hard enough.
    Whatever Thatcher’s limitations and faults she did promote the age of the small businessman and the entrepreneur and promoted a degree of individual freedom. She took on and defeated the collectivists until they got her from within the party. Who knows what benefit might have prevailed had that not happened?
    But that is also obfuscated.
    Who remembers Freddie Laker?

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