The Future Is Bristol…God help them poor bastards

David Davis

I had to return from chores etc to tell you about this.

It is not only by no means certain that the GramscoFabiaNazi government will indeed fall in June 2010 as is sometimes predicted. Not only that – but the buggers in certain GFN redoubts such as Bristol are planning a two-pronged-strategy:

(1) Scorch the Earth before 2010 so that the incoming buggers have the worst possible start and will probably fail and be thrown out for ever in 2014,

(2) Prepare for ultimate victory and total extermination of “reactionaries”, “car-drivers” and “unfit political elements” now, while you are still in power and can then turn the screw completely off in 2010.

If I wanted to kill both tourism and ordinary business in Bristol – which I would of course as a GFN – thus turning it into a socialist paradise, then I would do what they are proposing.

For other sad places where people are miserable and oppressed, here’s “Knowsley”. Yes, I’m not surprised you’ve never heard of it.

God help you

God help you

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