I didn’t think German soldiers would cave in…

so what’s happening?

David Davis

  • They are not stupid. They know the West’s wars are won or lost in the media. Public opinion? No such thing. Brainwashed, mind massaged, scarcely an original thought. It’s MSM that makes it happen. Can they be charged with treachery or treason? Politics is none of my business other than the distortions of reality that go with the turf. But there are men and women dying.

  • Oh, don’t worry. That warmongering black guy on the other side of the Atlantic is sending more troops at the moment and the ONLY “positive” numbers about the american economy at the moment is this:

    Defense capital goods:
    Shipments………………………….. 14.8%
    New Orders………………………… 3.1%

    Up from last year when that idiot chimp was in charge.

    Iran next?

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