What a clever trick

You have to admire the man’s cunning.

David Davis

In the final reality it does not matter if the UK is “at the top table”, whatever that is, so long as we are a free people. Places like Western Samoa and Finland do all right without the clout.

We could be like Norway, but with nuclear weapons and without the heavy taxation and big-state.

  • If we stopped worrying so much about what other countries think of us we’d do a lot better.

    G Browns toadying after B Obama recently was nauseating. Begging for some ‘face time’ (what a horrible phrase) just made him and by extension, Britain, seem weak and pathetic.

    A little polite assertiveness would go a long way, when B Obama next starts talking about a G4 or some such ‘snub’, simply quietly suggest that maybe British troops going to be supporting America in Afghanistan much longer, or that leases for American bases on British territory might need to be reconsidered or that the next votes in the UN security council might see Britain give closer consideration to the Chinese and Russian points of view than to the Americans.

    That would work, however i expect the Foreign Office to actually respond by more demeaning spittle licking, which will end up just losing Britain yet more respect and influence.

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