This is a very sinister and worrying development

David Davis

President Obama has been awarded the Nobel “Peace Prize”.

Look, I just gve up. I have continually warned the American people about this man – even to the extent of how he used sex, the enjoyment of which is a liberal capitalist property of Free Individuals and not of GFNs (who use it to enslave), to sell his election, even. And now, you all just sit and watch calmly, while he collects a “prize” commonly awarded to stalinists and terrorists, for the valour of their acts in the great pageant of destruction of Western liberal civilisation (there is no other sort of civilisation: sorry. And I know I am right.)

And isn’t the scrag-doid in this movie the evil, wicked and deliberately-stalinist-murdering-butcher Michael Moore?

0 thoughts on “This is a very sinister and worrying development

  1. Clever politicians with a stupid agenda.
    The United Nations was founded on Bible verses about swords being beaten into ploughshares. The verses that would seem to apply in this situation would seem to be about false prophets claiming peace, peace, when there is no peace. The weaknesses of western civilisation are laid bare for the tyrants of the world to see and exploit. Yes, we are heading into a totalitarian nightmare on the bandwagon of peace. Truth and a love of truth is all that is needed to defeat deception but who will do that?

  2. I’ll give Obama credit in that I very much doubt he expected it or solicited it (in a few years time when he’s packing up or already left office it might not surprise me) and it’s the Norwegian Nobel Committee who are the complete tools here.

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