You can’t buy wine if you’re with a “minor” – Supermarkets toe terror-Police-line

How surprising.

David Davis

Today’s doses of directed GramscoFabiaNazi wickedness towards sovereign individuals and their private lives, here and here.

Next, it will be “unhealthy foods”. Just watch. These bastard Enemy-Class control-droids will have to be killed, deep-fried and eaten before they get to where food is rationed by “choice-editing”. See Madeleine Bunting for what “choice-editing” means in reality, on Mr Eugenides.

The only conclusion I can continue rationally to draw, from their activities, is that these are deliberate, methodical and very Fabianly time-focussed, and that they are therefore wicked individuals.

One of my next posts, in the near future, may give technical details of how to produce family-sized quantities of beers, wines and more exciting drinks, at home on a regular basis, as well as growing tips for varieties of Nicotiana. I cannot say when this will be, but it may be soon, as we have to overcome the depredations of the StateNazis fom now on my our own efforts.

0 thoughts on “You can’t buy wine if you’re with a “minor” – Supermarkets toe terror-Police-line

  1. I’m afraid the urge to control has now been deeply ingrained in the British psyche and I don’t know if anything can be done about it.
    If they can’t prohibit you drinking the next thing you know they will be forcing you to drink.
    It’s the mentality of presumed immaturity/stupidity, whatever. There is little live-and-let-live.
    But Britain is the home of the free, the birthplace of liberal democracy and tolerance. What has gone wrong or was it always so? There seems to be an ever decreasing presumption of other peoples’ ability to run their lives.
    I suppose it could be a conspiracy to kill the home of freedom so that then the various totalitarianisms that pass for normality can take over?
    Not really relevant but I had to get it in:
    Looking around foreign shores it really does strike me that Britain has given two major contributions to the world: The greatest civilisation that has happened, and, dog shit.

  2. In a possibly even weirder example of nanny statism, my 20 year old house mate was yesterday refused the sale of…

    …shoe polish. “You have to be 18; it’s flammable stuff” they said. Christ!

  3. Actually I think you can get a better shoe polish from low grade coal burning power station chimney stack emissions blended into hunted fox blood. However it has to be applied with ivory-backed brushes made by 3rd world child labour from real, colonial, fur.

  4. This is typical of a widely prevalent mentality amongst the human race.

    Self important jobsworths aching for a chance to flex their petty authority. It is a deeply ingrained trait in human nature, one that has to be guarded against constantly.

  5. But, C-I, we seem to have let our guard down a bit in the last 100 years or so. What can the solution be, given there are now so very very many of these horrible little gits [they reproduce like Orcs] and they increasingly have the Terror-Police-Structures on-side for them?

    Shall we have to kill and eat them all? I see a scenario in which they bring about the envro-crime-driven-global megadeath for the millions, which they so seem to crave: will they themselves then be fair game for hunting and eating? It may have to be so.

  6. I’m not sure what the solution is.

    Certainly such people need to be confronted whenever possible, never give them an inch, they will take the metaphorical mile.

    As a short term measure, mockery and humour are great weapons. Being laughed at is far worse for a petty tyrant than any abuse.

    As a long term measure, I think if we started giving a greater emphasis on our tradition of liberties in history lessons then it would help set the correct tone in society.

  7. John’s faith in repeated and calm presentation of the truth is touching. It will probably work with a sizeable minority of “Teh Masses” – those who still read books from time to time. The rest are past caring, by which I mean they no longer are equipped with the software with which they can understand how to care.

    Or that their brains and those of their parents (importantly) have been reverse-engineered to be like that.

    It will not work with the Enemy Class itself: why? These droids have purposefully turned their faces from it and shut their ears. They will sadly just have to be killed and eaten, when the Endarkenment at last sets in hard.

  8. The idea that lies shrivel up in the face of the truth is refuted by the entire history of human civilisation.

    Something more purposeful is needed to confront the enemies of liberty.

    • I think that what JohnB is trying to say is that, given enough time and also – hopefully – less than fully-100%-resolution by the Enemy – “The Truth Will Always Prevail”, as indeed Jan Hus maintained loudly, even while actually _inside the fire_ in Prague Town Square in 1415.

      What C-I states in his realistic pessimism, and what JohnB forgets in his optimistic willingness to believe that all humans are reasonable, is that if the Enemy is resolute and determined, as of now, having been winged a few times in his negligence in the last couple of centuries, he is quite resolved NOT to let liberalism escape now, with its last gasp.

  9. First, CI, the unbreakability of the truth. The entire human history of civilisation, insofar as it has been a bending of the truth and attempts to distort reality for some perceived gain or whatever, insofar as it has been a travesty of reality has indeed brought us to the current state in which we are, and that is we are probably about to do ourselves in after, no doubt, going through all sorts of evasion tactics, some of which may even be partially successful. Perhaps humanity will grasp the nettle and admit the truth, but I doubt it. Keyenes and his followers have tried to break the reality of: You can’t get something for nothing. They have created vast and powerful deceptions (complex or exotic financial products?!) We now face economic destruction, which they try to evade by distorting reality yet further and stealing what remains from true economic reality, and yes, they put off the evil day, but it cannot be put off forever. Sooner or later reality catches up with itself. The Soviet Union collapsed economically simply because it was basically unreal, and the west that had been propping it up for decades pulled the plug, or simply called time for a while. (Then came the oil. Many complications and twists, okay.) But. Unreality does evaporate when faced with reality. Lies evaporate in the face of truth. Just how long can the emperor keep the crowd believe he’s wearing cool clothes? Sooner or later there comes a little boy who sees the obvious and then the lies – poof!! (Guess he was a libertarian?)

    Second, DD, I am not trying to say anything. What I am saying is that indeed the truth will always prevail, eventually. In the short term (which in big enough time scales can be a long time) reality/truth can be distorted, bent, but it cannot be broken. It will always be true to itself because it is simply, reality. And the amount that reality has been distorted by attempts to get 10 pounds out of two and six, or whatever, to that extent it will have to be equally compensated at some stage. The truth will, indeed, prevail. Water cannot flow uphill under natural circumstances.
    We may all die. The planet may shrivel and burn. Whatever. I don’t know. The evil may be victorious over the good for a while, that can be a very long while. (But what is your timescale?) But in the full state of things, there is no escaping the truth. Reality. The last thing I believe is that humans are reasonable. We believe, more or less, what we can get away with thinking. That is why brainwashing works. Make people feel comfortable about something and they will love it. Make them feel uncomfortable about something and they will hate it. Anything.

  10. John B, the real world does not operate like a fairy tale where a small boy can call out and show up an emperor.

    In reality, tyrannies, entire civilisations based on lies and distortions can last many generations, perpetuating lies and half truths and smears.

    That’s the truth of the matter, that the truth can be ensnared, imprisoned and perverted. It does not automatically defeat lies and falsehood. Peoples minds can be closed to the truth by biased education, misleading media and manipulation of language.

    The truth does not automatically banish lies, it’s incredibly naive to think that it does.

  11. Reality is that which exists and is intermingled with, but not dependent on, the human condition. To see the human perspective as the final arbiter is incredibly arrogant.

  12. Good thing no one here thinks the ‘human persective’ is the final arbiter of anything.

    Some of us do know that the truth can be supressed and subverted.

    Understand the distinction?

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