Kill a cow and win a Metro

…or save the planet!

David Davis

I thought these guys, of whom I never have heard, sound amusing. As it is with all nasty, wicked and deliberate destroyers of humanity and freedom, it is time to laugh at the Enemy Class: as loudly and as profitably as possible, as that will annoy it, get it stamping about in a focussed and cruel way, and enrage the humourless buggers even more.

So we know where to Lay The Mines, then.

(Mines are good: “Princess” Diana was bad. Mines should merely not be permitted, on pain of anihilation, to specific people and States which oppose liberal Capitalist societies and individual liberty. They are thus like Nuclear Weapons. “Diana”  misunderstood the problem, probably on purpose, and therefore was deliberately answering the wrong question in view of the Enemy-Class-Media, which is now why we don’t have any mines available to us. All this will have to be the subject of another essay when I decide I am pleased to have the time.)

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