So this is what “Lisbon” is all about…

…and so it comes down to this: “Europe” is to be treated as a unitary Reich (again) so that one lot of people can claim civil torts against another lot, and all inside the unitary border. And the idea is that we’re all lovey-dovey now and nobody will raise a peep in contradiction. Ever-closer-union. That’s the style, that’s the way to get the money!

David Davis

If the “Sudeten Germans” can get compensation or “their” property back now, where will it end? Will the Pomeranian, Posen, East Prussian and Silesian Germans want the same? Where does that leave Poland? Will the USSR give up most of ByeloRussia and the Ukraine? What will Hungary want to do about Slovakia and Romania/Transylvania? Will the Basques try to confiscate parts of Spain and France, so they can get back to blowing each other up? Will England be able to demand Monmouthshire and Pembrokeshire from the People’s Democratic Republic of Wales?

i do not know.

And who is to “pay” for all this big game of musical chairs?

Good for Klaus to stand up to the Murdering GramscEUBastards. But I fear it will come to nothing, and we shall simply have to have a war. We’ll just have to see what comes out of the machine at the other side.

I can’t think that’s what the Brussels-Nazis have planned for or wanted, but then wars always occur when one side fails to correctly interpret the other side’s intentions. They haven’t even got a EUArmy. So perhaps Klaus ought just to stick this one out until the whole rotten wicked edifice comes crashing down, as it will.

Many years ago, I had a yahoogroup called “aftereurotyranny”. It may still be there: I have not checked since 2001, being depressed about the future of lliberty in the EU.¬† The plan was to create a group of people who would (1) actively strive to undermine and eventually destroy the EU, and then (2) actively work to obliterate all the supra-national structures and communautaire philosophy, followed by (3) very very active and authoritative regime0change programmes in any European nations whose governments might be even remotely suspected of favouring any kind of Gramscian bureaucratic stalinist nonsense. It seems it might be needed again.

Poland has gone: the Irish allowed themselves to be bribed, and also have their ballot-boxes evilly stuffed, under theor noses. If Klaus can’t hold the line – such that Cameron – or the Bastard Brown (never forget: he could rig it and win) succeeds in failing to offer the British a referendum, then libertarians ought to begin considering how to proceed, in regard to their well-articulated views about conflict, as the skies darken.

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