What is to be done?

David Davis

I was contemplating an essay about the increasing intrusiveness of State surveillance of individuals the world over, and the increasing restriction of their thoughts and writings. But then, checking in my informal way before typing, I looked about me and it seems The Cautionary Revelation has been thinking along the same lines.

Our problem as libertarians in particular is that we eschew force and coercion, based on our beliefs in Natural Rights. This is fine and quite correct of us, and honest: and it is academically consistent with a philosophy of individual liberty under a minimal Common Law. However, we have in the end to ask where we not only hold self-congratulatory conferences, and not only continue to publish learned pamphlets about why liberty is really fairly astonishingly good at sorting out everything under the sun, and begin to ask:

“What is to be done about these GramscoFabiaNazis, who have always been, if you read the subtexts, cheerfully and openly honest and frank about what they have always intended?

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  1. If you can’t overcome the lie with the truth it would indicate you do not fully grasp the truth and are still in some way partially in thrall to the lie (as are we all, but some more than others.) Sorry.
    What can we do? One quite effective thing is: Tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of leaflets spread out through supporters to the nation. But they must be simple, effective leaflets that present the truth with no funny self-congratulatory intellectual tricks. Facts and not opinions.
    I realise the LA does lots of stuff, so, please do forgive my presumption. But that is my thinking.

  2. We don’t really do a lot, John. We do however stand about pontificating, like I do here. There is, er, a blog, which you read, and that’s er, sort of, it.

    Sean Gabb at least gets on the wireless and the telly, from time to time. But they usually turn off his mike when he starts to hit a point home to the discomfiture of the Enemy Class. They turn it off ‘coz they can.

    So much for truth and beauty and order prevailing, eh?

    So, what we gonna do then, you and us?

  3. A piece on Sky News about the LA was how I first heard of the group.
    Seriously, what we used some years ago, was leaflets because, yes, MSM does try to give you the silent treatment. I would post just below the maximum weight of 10 kilos to sympathisers in various parts of Britain and they were distributed. Some places less efficiently than others but we just kept pushing information out.
    Yes there was opposition. I got called all sorts of rude names but that’s great. It tells you it’s beginning to bite.
    Public meetings with a few big or controversial names can stir interest.
    Do we want a campaign??

  4. Leaflets are fine and lovely, but to make a real difference requires something more.

    Succesful political movements have never been built on simply distributing leaflets, no matter how witty, insightful and brilliant.

    Politics is personal. It is about personalities as much as principles. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth, people are swayed by how much they like the look or sound of individual politicians.

    To make an impact, target individual politicians who have done bad, illiberal things and hold them up for personal ridicule. Make it personal, keep a drip feed of damaging accusations against an individual. It will get the message across far more effectively than fine leaflets espousing general principles.

    Figure what makes a good story for lazy hack journalists and then find one that highlights illiberal behaviour by a politician. Leak, plant or give the story to the right hack at the right moment and see someone suffer for being an enemy of liberty.

    That will help advance the cause of liberty.

  5. Beware straw men. Who said anything about being witty? Facts. That’s all.
    I disagree with digging dirt. It tends to stick and cause complications. Besides which, it ain’t nice. Really, you get facts out, simple and accurate so they vaporise the lies, you will get all the action you want. All the fury and hatred you might care for. Digging dirt and other just is not necessary.

  6. No strawman.

    I referred to the fact that some libertarian alliance leaflets are indeed witty. (as well as being insightful and brilliant)

    For some reason you choose to take offence at that and responded in your usual pompous manner.

  7. Dear C,
    It’s not about offence, it’s about weariness.
    Please look up straw man argument on Wiki. While you are about it look up ad hominem.
    You will need to be able to deal with them if you get into serious debate.
    Best to you.

  8. No need to look up strawman, especially not on wikipedia (not the most reliable of sources). I’m perfectly aware of what a strawman argument is and i haven’t made one. I refered to the fact that many LA leaflets are indeed witty. A straightforward FACT (those things you profess such a respect for.

    The FACT is that many LA leaflets are indeed witty, brilliant and insightful. And nevertheless they make very little palpable difference to the political climate.

    There, a nice straightforward factual argument for you, but, just for fun, here is a gratuitous ad hominen slur as well.

    You’re constant, completely unsupported repetition of nonsensical fantasies about truth magically defeating all lies makes you seem like a tiresome crank.

    Oh wait, that wasn’t actually an ad hominen slur, it was a fully justified, intellectually supported observation.

  9. You are, of course, free to think whatever causes you least discomfort. But anything that is not consistent with reality is likely to cause problems at some point.
    Go well.

  10. Of course things ‘inconsisent with reality’ (i take it by that phrase you mean ‘lies) will cause problems. We all know that. The problem is how to combat those lies.

    You seem to believe that we need do nothing at all except speak the truth and then sit back and watch as the lies instantly implode. I’m sure such a belief is very comfortable for you, but unfortunately it is contrary to reality. Still, if you want to keep hiding from the truth on this matter because you find it uncomfortable then so be it.

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