Aynbody going to watch Question Time?

Michale Winning

The fascist left have guaranteed that Nick Griffin of the BNP will get prime time billing tonight or whenever it is. What they don’t get is that we all know they’re spitting tacks over the BNP exact;y ‘coz it’s stripping votes off what they think is their own little Pocket Borough. Ive just learned about these and that’s what Labour thinks its’ entitled to. So they are climibing the wall with anger and rage at the BNP, which is just a socialist party realy but a more nationalist one than they like.

You know, if libertarianism os to get off the ground ever, and les’t face it we are not exactly winning right today, all these bloody people may just have to go. I don’t care where or how, just go. Gone. Deprived of power, amployment (they don’t do anything worthwhile anyway) and the ability to influence events. It’s just too effing difficult to deal with them and their whingeing and obfuscation of everything that’s objectivly right. I’m not saying the BNP is right, far from it: why does everybody have to be seen to say loudly that they think the BNP’s wrong even though everybody knows you know it is?

But the sort of people writhing in public rage for TV consumption,  at the BNP’s man being on the telly, are the same sort of people that attack and try to shut down power stations. This doesn’t make the BNP right, and it just shows up where the enemies of liberty and free speech are coming from.

Sorry about that rant, I couldnt help ot.

7 thoughts on “Aynbody going to watch Question Time?

  1. Hostile audience, hostile questioner, hostile panel.

    No doubt, hostile reporting.

    And yet, he kept his cool and made his points. This episode says a lot more about the bullying of the political establishment than about the BNP.

    I look forward to reading the reporting, seeing how the perception of reality is more important that reality in the political process, look for the false memory of a terrible performance by N Griffin being inculated in the public forum.

  2. Hey, it’s all about obfuscation, anyway. Init?
    Deprived of artificial privilege they should wither naturally. Like all dislocations from reality.

  3. I didn’t see it, but I did see the news coverage of it afterwards, and that was revealing enough.

    The BBC seemed to deliberately cherry-pick parts of the show that made Griffin look bad.

    I agree with Ingoldby’s sentiment and I’d go as far as to say that this was a minor victory for Griffin. From the commentary I’ve seen elsewhere, many regard him as a victim of bullying activists and politicians keen on censorship.

    The irony of trying to censor and even attack a National Socialist seems to be lost on these people.

  4. Having been busy this week, I was unable to comment or post as much as I would have wished, or to sya anything about the issue Michael has raised.

    Perhaps the Enemy Class’s confidence and morale is being slightly sapped? Else, why would they have stooped? Why’d it have bothered to condescend, in its own world-view, to allow an “extreme right wing male white fascist nationalist Conservative Etonian Oxbridge baby-killer and ethnic-person-abuser who also keeps large fierce dogs and also kills babies and hates Gordon Brown” onto, er, the show?

    I know he’s not an Etonian, but it is now a recognised hegemonic-discourse-term of high-level abuse, and thus no points can be lost for including it.

    The problem with “any questions” or whatever it is called these days, is the people who watch it. I think NGriffin misjudged his party’s PR strategy, in thinking this will get him more supporters or votes. Instead, it will merely confirm for the Enemy Class their correctness in their hatred of and fear of his party’s steady erosion and splitting-up of their Pocket-Borough-vote: that which they consider their own: into irreconcileable, non-mutually-supporting, and unusable caucuses.

    The rise of the BNP, if it can be called a rise, is merely a fissiparous tendency among left-wingists. It is good that their grass-roots support base that they rellied upon is proving more nationalistsic and less tractable than they wanted. It will give the buggers something to think about.

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