Here you go, dont say i didnt warn you

Michael Winning

Armed Police” with machine guns, to be deplyed on streets for first time”.

Well we are a dangerous and uncontrollable people as everyone know and it’s surprising it toook so long. Can’t have people rebelling now, can we.

How has it come to this that the UK now has machinegun-police on our streets, what did we do wrong. This will be hailed as a “success”, it will be “rolled out”. You’ll see, and remember what I said.

4 thoughts on “Here you go, dont say i didnt warn you

  1. Never had a problem with the idea of armed police. I’ve approached ’em when I’ve needed directions etc and not really given a rip that they had a gun, including a WPC at Luton airport with an MP5 across her chest (and as an aside if women want men to stop looking at their tits putting a submachine gun on them is very counterproductive) when I needed the Bureau de Change in a hurry. And where I live now all the cops are routinely armed, though as Victoria is in some ways still finding its way through the 20th Century it goes without saying that they have ancient revolvers and are less well armed than some of the criminals. No, got no problem with this at all apart from one little thing – coppers are allowed guns and criminals simply ignore the law altogether, so the only group guaranteed to be unarmed are the law abiding majority who may need to defend themselves and can’t possibly expect a copper to shadow them all day long.

  2. Angry Exile, you should see it as evidence of an increasing confrontational attitude of the State toward the citizens.

    It augures badly.

  3. C Ingoldby, yep, agreed. With the obvious exception of the knee jerk post Hungerford and Dunblane legislation I think that’s pretty much the shape of most UK firearms law going back a century.

    m downing, apart from the AFP the uniformed cops in Victoria still had .38 revolvers last I noticed. Mind you, that was a few months back and they have been talking about changing to semi-auto pistols for a while. Whether they should have Glocks or guns with external safeties and/or de-cockers is a whole other topic. 😉

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