The bugger is winding us up

David Davis

David Wilshire is a very sill person.

He is right about branding groups as undesirables, but not the one he belongs to. He has been doing the branding.

3 thoughts on “The bugger is winding us up

  1. It is so intriguing to watch con men under pressure – an extremely rewarding education. I love the line: ” . . were now forced to “live off rations” in the wake of the expenses scandal. . . ”
    I didn’t know Harrods’ hampers qualified as rations.

  2. Don’t worry Dave, you can hide in my attic. I can assure you the humour and food will be excellent, but the music is somewhat questionable; prog rock, the entire Kenny Thomas discography and The Prodigy’s ealier stuff. I’ll get you a soldering iron so you can earn your keep. 🙂

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