How to get depressed…become a liberal (our sort, not theirs…)

David Davis

I was going to write about this earlier because it cuts to the heart of what’s different in the ways people think and fell in either calitalist-liberal civilisations, on in gramscoFabiaNazi ones. But I got depressingly side-tracked by chores and tasks…as you do. The trouble with being retired and unemployed is that you have to work and think so hard and you get really knackered, and then you worry that life isn’t what it’s cracked up to be as you are chasing your tail the whole time, and well…..

Perry over at Samizdata has done a better quick-analysis of the problem better and faster than I could, and this I think sums up the problem, but do read his whole treatment. Here’s the crux or nub:-

“…collectivism is a form of mass delusion, an ‘opiate for the masses’ method of replacing profane objective truth with sacred, subjective ‘acceptable’ truth… i.e. ‘truth’ is what the collective wants it to be. Indeed I would say much of the allure of collectivism is relief from the weight of individual responsibility, the sense of moral externalisation that comes from outsourcing choice to a ‘higher power’….”

Of course, that’s all very well I guess if “the masses” decide freely to buy into the collectivist delusion.  They certainly did in Germany in the 1930s: of that I have no doubt, whatever people might argue to the contrary. The case of today’s UK I think is more complex, in that while the collectivist delusion has gripped, is gripping and will through the MSM continue to grip a majority of people here, we yet seem to be unhappy and depressed. Perhaps the collectivist magic has not really “taken” and people are unconsciously depressed because they know their freedom has been taken away? I don’t know. Does any one else?

2 thoughts on “How to get depressed…become a liberal (our sort, not theirs…)

  1. Some people are dog people and they like to hang around in packs and tell, or get told, what to do. Other people are cat people who like to do their own thing at their own speed.
    Does that fit.
    Well, I tried.
    But the collective. Yes, mob rule. One of the scariest things – people can abandon their reason and get stuck into the full hate or perversion of their blood lust. Very scary.
    Abandon individual responsibility? Probably. Let daddy or mommy think for me. Safer? Easier. More comfortable and the way to mind massage the masses.
    And a religious mental aspect? Absorbed into a greater will, etc? Yes.
    But a relationship with eternal reality is not to be confused with that.

    • I agree, John. And your dog/cat analogy sort of works…I think. At the conference, getting people to sit down in time for a talk in some organised fashion, it was like trying to herd cats – you can imagine that I am sure.

      As to the Eternal Reality, I think that to defend the integrity of belief in that, is why we are all trying to erase socialism.

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