PRAVDA…rips face-mask off Lisbon, plus a USSR soldier-robot

I never thought I’d see this here.

Michael Winning

Either it’s a wind-upp and I’m being had or the USSR continus its strategic policy of being open and clear about its objectives and its helpers.

And I spotted this film while I was in Pravda:-

Sorry I cant work out how to directly embed the video like a U-tube whatsit, I’m not a geek. Sohere’s something else you might not have known, or else as I suspect, it’s been PhotoShopped cleverly:-

This is thought to be funny in the USSR:-

And this is just a sawn-off-old-Bear, but with jet-engines stuck on:-

3 thoughts on “PRAVDA…rips face-mask off Lisbon, plus a USSR soldier-robot

  1. Looking at an: “Our World” programme on BBC World about the Berlin Wall coming down in 1989.
    I had wondered how and why that was allowed to happen. Did the Soviet bloc run out of money? When was oil discovered there? At the same time as Putin? No, it all seems too convenient, and when there are more than a couple of coincidences one can be fairly certain they are no coincidence.
    Taking the pattern with the advantage of hindsight it seems fairly obvious the Wall was allowed to come down so that the EU as a political Authority could be established.
    If “they” got rid of that monster (the wall) what, indeed, is the planned forthcoming totalitarian role for the EU. A mix of all the worst of those collectivisms that went before?
    The ability now, and in the future, to process data is and will be truly awesome. There is/will be no escape.
    What does one do to prepare?

  2. Andrew Rawnsley writes:

    “The spoils of victory did not turn out to belong to the United States so much as to Europe. The European Union has expanded eastwards to entrench freedom and spread prosperity across its continent. The EU now embraces 27 states, including virtually all of the former Warsaw Pact countries outside Russia. It has done so without having to point a single tank at anyone. This is a fantastic triumph of soft power and one to remember every time its affairs and Britain’s relations with the EU are infantilised by squabbles that are trivial in comparison with that achievement.”


  3. It is what is going to be done with this triumph of “soft?” power that worries. When total control becomes possible does it become inevitable? I think it does. What policeman is going to pass over using the hand-held automatic thought reader machine (range 20 metres) on moral grounds?

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