…and we all have bits of the Berlin Wall – we thought we had won…

..this is The Englishman’s … just haven’t got a photo of mine, that’s all (and his is bigger!):-

We've got a bit in a drawer too...

Like accepting your enemy’s suit of armour, having vaquished him (or so you thought.)

6 thoughts on “…and we all have bits of the Berlin Wall – we thought we had won…

  1. Just seeing BBC World’s propaganda type coverage promoting the Berlin Wall buzz.
    Afraid I don’t watch too much tellyvishion, it’s bad for my blood pressure. I have an inbuilt aversion to mind manipulation and sirens go and red lights start flashing when it happens. Which is most of the time. On Telly vishion. But I have been seeing this Berlin Wall propaganda every so often, with cool faintly euphoric music chanting and bell like tinkling, smiles, joy and hands holding, and all the alarms went off.
    It is simply an EU sales event.

  2. The point was, to have a bit of it. wasn’t it? In this way, we all of us exorcised the terrible darkness-spirits which had, if not actually tormenting us for some decades, been sort of “present in the background radiation-noise” of our lives, all through the Cod War.

    By our having a little bit of the rubble (I cherish ours, and will leave it to The Boys as a particular object) we rendered the threat harmless and laid ghosts to rest. And it emphasised that fact that in the end, the thing was only a pile of concrete.

    But there are new walls now.

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